Saturday Korean Movie Marathons!

Weekends are a great time to relax, curl up on your couch and catch up on movies. And we have some great movies for you! Going forward, every Saturday, we'll be bringing you great Korean movie recommendations with our Saturday Korean Movie Marathons! This week, cuddle up in the couch and check out some romantic Korean movies!

200 Pounds Beauty (미녀는 괴로워) is a romantic comedy about Kang Han Na (played by Kim Ah Joong), an overweight lip sync artist who wants to be a singer in her own right. In order to be accepted, she undergoes drastic plastic surgery, but will her transformation make her truly happy? This film, based on the Japanese manga "Kanna-San, Daiseikou Desu" (カンナさん大成功です!), won the 2007 Grand Bell Awards for Best Actress (Kim Ah Jung, who also sang all movie tracks) and Best Cinematography (Park Hyeon Cheol).

200 Pounds of Beauty

First Love Rally (첫사랑사수궐기대회) is the story of Son Tae Il, a man who has dreamed of marrying Ju Il Mae since they were children. But the only way he'll get Il Mae's father's permission to marry her is if he raises his academic ranking from 300,000th to 3,000th nationwide and then become a lawyer. Will he be able to do it and still have time to woo Il Mae? The movie stars Cha Tae-Hyun, Son Ye-Jin and Yoo Dong-Geun.

Innocent Steps (댄서의 순정) is a sweet movie about dancing. Na Young Sae (played by Park Geon Hyeong) was once a renowned dancer but when he lost his dance partner, he lost his drive for dancing. Now, he wants to get back on the dance-floor. He chooses Chae Min, who lives in China, as his new partner, but instead of her, her sister, Chae Ryn (played by award-winning actress, Moon Geun-young), who doesn't know anything about dancing arrives! But she's so enthusiastic about learning to dance, that Young Sae teachers her. And as he does, her talents, as well as their relationship, develop.

Innocent Steps

While You Were Sleeping (당신이 잠든 사이에) tells the story of party-girl Yu-jin, who wakes up in a hotel room one day with the vague memory of having have slept with someone the night before, but no idea who! She makes a list of potential mates, to figure out who it might have been. Could it have been her friend since college, Cheol-jin? This movie stars Yeo Ji Won and Tak Jae Hoon.

Bravo, My life (사랑해 말순씨), is the story about the life and relationships of a mother and son, starring Moon So-Ri, Lee Jae-Eung and Yoon Jin-Seo. The story begins in October 1979 with the news of President Park's assassination. But for 14-year-old Gwang-ho, the more important event is his first day at junior high school. His mother, Mal-sun, whose husband is in Saudi Arabia, devotes her life to her children, despite her own illness. Watch as relationships grow and development between the two, as well as with others around them.

Join us again next week for another Saturday Korean Movie Marathon!

Taiwanese entertainment show, Showbiz, now on Viki!

Showbiz (完全娱乐) is a daily Taiwanese entertainment news show, and it's now available on Viki! Showbiz is one of the longest running Taiwanese entertainment news programs, and is hosted by Da Mouth’s Harry, MC 40, and Sukie Chung. The one-hour show features Chinese celebrities and the hottest acts from the Taiwanese entertainment scene!

If you're looking for a new project on Viki, Showbiz is looking for segmenters, subtitlers (mainly Mandarin to English), moderators, as well as a Channel Manager. This show would be a great opportunity for a first-time Channel Manager to learn the ropes. Let us know if you're interested in any of these projects!

Spend your Tuesdays with Korean Stars!

Starting today, we'll be featuring great Korean videos every Tuesday. You'll get to hang out with your favorite stars, and be introduced to up and coming ones! This week, we've got something exciting for you from the world of K-pop. Two new Korean TV shows about K-pop, K-POP Extreme Survival (최강 서바이벌) and The Show 2 are now available to watch!

K-Pop Extreme Survival is on the search for the new top Korean idol. Aspiring idols will lay their emotions, dreams and talents on table and give it their all to win. Will your favorite idol come out on top?

This show will be available to viewers in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania and Africa exclusively on Viki, hours after the episodes air in Korea on Monday and Tuesdays! And the first episode is already fully subtitled in English, French, Spanish and Turkish!

K-Pop Extreme Survival

Do you love K-pop and are always on top of the newest music trends? Then you're not going to want to miss The Show 2! This new show takes you into the world of Korean club culture where you can experience the rhythm, beat and music first-hand. Join the MCs, DJs and great musical guests and discover the newest K-pop stars!

Jay Park in The Show 2

Don't forget to join us next week for another Tuesday with Korean Stars!

New exciting KDramas now available!

We have three new, exciting Korean Dramas now available on Viki. Don't miss Fashion King, King 2Hearts and Rooftop Prince!

Fashion King

Great fashion has to start somewhere. And for aspiring designer Kang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In), that somewhere is in a humble stall at the Dongdaemun Market, a crowded fashion district in Seoul known for its cheap clothing and wannabe designers. Young Gul is a little timid about pursuing his dreams to become a famous designer, until he meets Lee Ga Young (Shin Se Kyung), a confident young woman who shares his aspirations. Anna Choi (Yuri of the K-pop group Girls’ Generation), a brassy woman who will let nothing stand in the way of what she wants, and privileged hunk Jung Jae Hyuk (Lee Jae Hoon) create a double love triangle. Can Young Gul and Ga Young start from nothing and find success in the dog-eat-dog world of the fashion industry? “Fashion King” is a 2012 Korean drama series by director Lee Myung Woo, who also directed “Princess Ja Myung” (2009) and “Bad Couple” (2007).

Fashion King

King 2Hearts

The much-anticipated new drama, “King 2Hearts” began on March 21, 2012, taking over the time-slot of the popular drama series “The Moon That Embracing the Sun.” This new drama stars Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Ki) as a young crown prince of modern-day South Korea that is governed by a monarchy. Although he shuns politics, he is thrown in the midst of a political turmoil with Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won), a female North Korean special agent. Will the unlikely duo overcome their initial animosity to find common ground? “King 2Hearts” is directed by Lee Jae Kyu.

King 2Hearts

A murder mystery crosses the time-space continuum from the Chosun Dynasty to modern-day Seoul. Crown Prince Lee Kak (Micky Yoochun) and his three men from the Chosun Dynasty are transported 300 years into the future to 21st-century Seoul after the mysterious death of his wife, the Crown Princess. They literally fall into the car of Park Ha (Han Ji Min), who befriends the unusual group of misfits. When Kak meets Ha’s stepsister, Hong Se Na (Jung Yoo Mi), he is stunned to find that Se Na bears a striking resemblance to his dead wife and is determined to solve the mystery of her death. With his own resemblance to the CEO’s grandson at the company where Se Na works, Kak assumes the identity of the young man, Tae Yong, to be close to her. Meanwhile, Tae Yong’s cousin, Tae Moo (Lee Tae Sung), returns from New York to report that his cousin is dead but is shocked to learn of Tae Yong’s return to the company. Will the Crown Prince be able to solve a 300-year-old mystery and return to his rightful time period? “Rooftop Prince” is a 2012 Korean drama series directed by Shin Yoon Sub, who also directed “Sweetheart” (2008) and “My Lovely Fool” (2006).

Rooftop Prince

Adjustment to our updated QC policy

Thanks for all your great feedback on our updated QC policy; looks like most of you agree it was very needed! One consistent piece of feedback, though, was that we should lower the requirements and focus more on quality.

Well, you spoke, we listened and we agree. Going forward, the new requirement will be 3,000 (versus 5,000) subtitles. But remember that this is just one of the factors we look at in order to determine QC status. Quality, as well as nominations from other community members is also something we look at. So please keep nominating your favorite subbers and segmenters!

FAQ: How Does Viki License Content?

Hello, Viki community! This is Tammy Nam, CEO of Viki. We often get questions about the licensing process, and upcoming titles. Below are some of the more common questions, and our best attempt at answering them as succinctly as possible.

What is the process for licensing a TV show or movie?

We’re continually developing relationships with TV stations, producers, and distributors from around the world. We license their content for Viki's desktop site, and increasingly, for Viki on mobile and Smart TV. We are in constant contact with them—conveying fan requests, and determining content availability, cost and geographic reach.

Typically, discussions start a month or more ahead of a show’s airing date, but we’ve had discussions that lasted for over a year. It can take a while because there are many details, including which countries we stream to, when, for how long and on which platforms—not to mention allowing fans to subtitle the content. It’s a complex balancing act, especially when getting rights for markets that are new to streaming, or where traditional media partners see online distribution as a threat, even though we’ve proven that it’s positive.

Sometimes deals fall apart at the last minute. We try to prevent this as much as possible, but it happens. At the end of the day, our interest is in serving our community and viewers. The process can be difficult and unpredictable—but we wouldn’t be doing it if it was easy, or if we didn’t believe in bringing down barriers between high-quality entertainment and fans, no matter where they are. It’s a tough fight, and your patience and support is deeply appreciated.

Why are some people allowed or not allowed to see certain shows?

Sometimes we’re not able to acquire a global license, or get the license while the content is airing on TV. This means we’re only able to show certain shows in select regions or countries, or show it when the content is no longer on TV in its home country. In some cases, another company may have exclusive rights to certain countries for a certain period of time, after which we do our best to get these shows.  When possible, our goal is to secure global licenses, because fans are everywhere. We’ve had shows that flopped in their home country, but found millions of fans on Viki.

Why have some channels had their videos removed or blocked, even after hours of subtitling work have gone into them?

We know the community puts a lot of hard work into segmenting and subbing videos, so it's disappointing when videos are unavailable. Here’s some context:

Viki has unofficial ‘Fan Channels’ that are often created months before Viki licenses their corresponding shows, guided by out Terms of Service. Fans input metadata, comments and posts to create a space for subtitling teams to organize before the show airs. Over time, some content owners have asked us to remove certain linked videos, or specific fan channels altogether. When we receive these requests, we remove the channel even though we never hosted the videos. We respect content owners’ wishes, consistent with our policy and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

If we can secure the rights to the linked content we'll upload the videos, but until then the channel team is free to design, organize, and post comments. The team can even link to YouTube videos, as long as the content or images don’t violate copyright ownership. Fan channels are a great way for us (and content owners) to see which shows you want to watch. Also, it's perfect for fans to meet and discuss what they love.

Why doesn't Viki have shows that are online somewhere else?

As mentioned earlier, there are some cases when other companies license content before us, and for an exclusive period. In these cases, we have to wait until their exclusive rights to expire before we can air the same content. We’ve been working tirelessly to close long-term partnerships with the best content owners around the world, because our goal is to bring you the best experience.

How can I suggest a show for you to license?

We always want to hear your suggestions. Please drop us a note through the Viki Help Center and let us know which shows you’d like to watch.

As you can see, globally licensing content is a complicated process—but the tide is shifting. Now, content owners are coming to us, and this is in large part because you’ve helped them understand the value of a globally engaged audience in a way they’ve never seen: segmenting, subtitling, commenting and sharing over 200 million words in more than 150 languages. I sincerely thank everyone for the hard work you've put into making this a place for people to enjoy and learn from global entertainment.

Anime Week is here!

We recently announced that Anime Week was coming to Viki. And guess what? It's here!

We have some great Anime shows that you can now watch, with much more to come. We'll keep you updated on new titles as they air on Viki, but here's a taste of what you can watch, and get involved in, right away! If you want to be a segmenter, subber, moderator, or even the Channel Manager for these shows, let us know!

Don't miss the legendary Astro Boy (鉄腕アトム) by the "God of Manga," Osamu Tezuka. Astro Boy is one of Tezuka's most well known anime series, and tells the adventures of Astro, a robot created by the Dr. Tenma, the head of the Ministry of Science.

Black Jack (ブラック・ジャック) and Black Jack 21, from Osamu Tezuka, tell the story of Dr. Black Jack, a medical mercenary who sells his amazing medical talents to the highest bidder. But behind his seemingly greedy exterior lies a very different person.

Riyoko Ikeda's Dear Brother (おにいさまへ…) follows Nanako Misonoo, a high school freshman at the prestigious Seiran School. She narrates the series through the letters that she writes to "Oniisama" (brother). In her letters, she tells the stories about he world of rivalry, love and heartbreak that she has fallen into.

Watch and work on Leiji Matsumoto's OZMA!

We're proud to let you know that the new anime series by legendary anime and mange creator, Leiji Matsumoto, is now available! Don't miss OZMA, a science fiction story about life in a future world that has become an arid desert. Ozma is available to viewers worldwide (except Japan).

Let us know if you want to work on OZMA. The Channel is currently looking for subtitlers, segmenters, moderators, and even a Channel Manager. It's a great chance for new as well as veteran community members to work on an exciting new show!

Anime Week on Viki to kick off with Leiji Matsumoto's OZMA!

Get ready, Anime fans! We're launching Anime Week on Viki to celebrate some great new and classic Anime titles we’ll be rolling out over the next few weeks and months. You’ll start to see some of these shows featured on the home page, but today we’re highlighting one in particular:

Leiji Matsumoto’s OZMA has been 30 years in the making and is launching one year after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the Northeast coast of Japan. We’re encouraging fans to donate to the Japanese Red Cross to benefit the revitalization efforts.

Below are more details about the show, plus screenshots, from the press release (note that FTISLAND performs the theme song!):

Leiji Matsumoto’s OZMA is a new 6-part series by the legendary Manga writer. The series will first broadcast on Friday, March 16 at midnight, on Japanese satellite broadcast provider WOWOW Prime. Then 24 hours after the broadcast, it will debut on, where fans from more than 200 countries (excluding Japan) will be able to view the show for the first time.

More than 30 years in the making, Leiji Matsumoto’s OZMA is based on a science-fiction action concept developed by Matsumoto and is produced in conjunction with WOWOW, Viki, Equity Pictures Japan, Pony Canyon and Slow Curve. The show unfolds on an arid and devastated future Earth, and involves the mysterious, giant and moving “OZMA.” An epic space opera that entwines exciting sci-fi action and a suspenseful story, Matsumoto tackles the ultimate question of life and its existence.

To visualize OZMA, anime veterans Ryosuke Takahashi (chief director), Takahiro Ikezoe (director) and Junki Takegami (script writer) behind such hits as Armored Trooper VOTOMS, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto and One Piece all contributed to the series. Matsumoto is the writer behind dozens of Manga and Anime classics, including The Galaxy Railways, Space Pirate Captain Harlock and Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato).

The show’s opening theme is the new song "NEVERLAND” by the popular K-pop band FTISLAND, which has won many music awards, including the Golden Disk Awards’ “Newcomer Award” with the overwhelming support of teenagers. The closing theme song is "Utagoe" by the talented Minami Kizuki, who has recently been active in the international arena.

Update to QC Policy

Many of you already know about QC, or Qualified Contributor status, but for those of you unfamiliar with it: it's our way of recognizing the most passionate, active and supportive Viki community members by giving them the tools to contribute more of their great skills and knowledge to Viki. You can learn more about QC status here.

Today we're announcing small updates to our policy around granting QC status. As Viki continues to grow and evolve, so must our policies and guidelines. This updated policy is the result of the combined effort and input from Viki, community members and content partners.

You can find the new and updated QC Guidelines, along with other community policies, in the Viki Help Center. If you have any questions about this, please drop us a line!

Coming soon: new Kdramas on Viki!

We have some great Korean dramas coming soon, yay! Through our partnership with the major Korean broadcasters and cable channels, we'll be getting access to a lot of new shows we think you'll love. So without further ado, here's some of what you can expect in the coming weeks and months:

  • More than 100 new Korean dramas, more than 50 of which will air hours after they show on TV

  • More than 50 Korean movies

  • Celebrity TV shows, including variety shows, concerts and more

In the past few weeks, we've added new shows such as The Moon Embracing the Sun, Take Care of Us, Captain, Wild Romance and Dream High 2. Here's a sneak peak at some new titles you can expect in the next few weeks; many of these shows are currently recruiting segmenters, subbers and moderators so please contact the channel manager if you're interested in contributing!

Rooftop Prince (옥탑방 왕세자) is a romantic comedy about Lee Gak (played by Micky Yoochun), a Chosun-era prince who, together with his entourage, travels through time and finds himself in 2012. There, he meets a girl who looks exactly like the girl that he loved. This show will air on Wednesday and Thursday nights and will be available on Viki a few hours after that!

Rooftop Prince

King 2hearts (킹2hearts) takes place in a modern-day Seoul that's governed by a constitutional monarchy. The comedy-drama tells the story of Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Ki), the crown prince, and Kim Hyang Ah (Ha Ji Won), an agent of the North Korean special forces. In Korea, Rooftop Prince will be battling in the same time slot as Kings 2heart on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

[caption id="attachment_372" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="King 2hearts"][/caption]

Color of Women (컬러 오브 우먼) is a drama about Byun So Ra (Yoon So Yi), a smart, intelligent woman who has worked hard to get to where she is. When she joins a cosmetics company, she encounters women who use their appearance to get ahead in life.

Heaven's Garden (천상의 화원-곰배령) tells the story of Jung Jae In, who moves back to her father's house in the isolated but beautiful mountainside of the Kangwon Province with her two daughters after she separates from her husband. It’s the story of a family’s journey through pain and reconciliation.

Immortal Classic (불후의 명작) tells the story of a group of people battling to find the best chef in the country.

Fashion King (패션왕) tells the story about young, ambitious fashion designers in Dongdaemun Market, and their dreams of success. On the way, they face the challenges that life, love and the fashion industry throw at them. This show airs on Monday and Tuesday nights and will be available on Viki soon after airing.

[caption id="attachment_366" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Fashion King"][/caption]

Looking for a new project? Great new titles on the way!

Have you been looking for a new project on Viki? Soon, we'll have some great titles from NBC, and many need Channel Managers as well as other staff members! For first-time Channel Managers or veterans alike, these shows are a great opportunity to manage some new and classic American shows. No matter what type of shows you like, be it action, comedy, drama, medical drama, cop-shows, or even shows about the supernatural, they'll be something here for you. Don't be shy and let us know if you want to get involved!

For viewers, these shows will be available in the South East Asia region.


Enter the world of the New York mafia, with four brothers who get entangled in it, in The Black Donnellys. This show stars Michael Stahl-David, Jonathan Tucker and House's Olivia Wilde.

The Black Donnellys

In Quarterlife, a group of friends find out that their entire lives are being publicized online. What would you do if you found out that your friend is keeping a video blog about your life?

Kings is the modern day, alternate reality story of a man who becomes the King of a nation at war. The story is based on the biblical story of David.


Kath & Kim is the American re-make of the Australian TV show by the same name. The talented and hilarious Selma Blair (Kim) plays the self-absorbed daughter of Molly Shannon (Kath), a spunky 40-something, who's trying to work on her love-life. Laugh along with this dysfunctional mother/daughter team!

Selma Blair and Molly Shannon in Kath & Kim

Nick Savage is the single father of five difficult boys in Complete Savages. Don't miss out as they live their hilarious lives.

Do you love the fashion world? Then don't miss Material Girl, a show about a young fashion designer, Ali Redcliffe, tries to deal with an evil ex-boss, snobby models and a love life.


The A-Team is a show about a team of four Vietnam War veterans who were framed for a crime they didn't commit. Check out this iconic show that stars George Peppard, Dwight Schultz, Dirk Benedict, of course, Mr. T!

The A-Team

Knight Rider is the famous show starring David Hasselhoff and his amazing artificial intelligence car that was envied by all, KITT! Who can resist a talking car? Hasselhoff plays a Michael Long, who is nursed back to health after an accident by a mysterious benefactor, and emerges again as Michael Knight, an amazing crime-fighter.

Knight Rider

Bionic Woman is the remake of the 1970s show by the same name about a former athlete who is given bionic strength. This show stars Michelle Ryan and Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff!

Cop and Medical Dramas

Trauma is a fast-paced and thrilling action medical drama about the lives of paramedics from San Francisco General Hospital. First responder paramedics are thought to have the most dangerous medical jobs! This show shouldn't be missed by anyone who likes action or medical dramas.

Mercy is a medial drama following three nurses, Veronica Flanagan Callahan, Chloe Payne and Sonia Jimenez as they deal with life, death and love.

Detective David Creegan is returning to work after a year-long absence after a near-fatal gunshot wound to the head, in Touching Evil. He's now about to work without the ability to follow common sense of abide by the law that he's sworn to uphold.

Make sure not to miss Law & Order: Trial by Jury. Part of the Law & Order series, Trail by Jury focuses on the workings of the American judicial system. This show stars Fred Dalton Thompson and the iconic Tony and Emmy Award winner, Bebe Neuwirth.

Law & Order: Trail by Jury


Jeff Goldblum stars as Michael Raines, in Raines, a show about a detective who solves murders in a very unconventional way. He partners with the murder victim, who appear to him as figments of his imagination.

American Gothic is a horror/drama/thriller set in the small town of Trinity, South Carolina. Sheriff Lucas Buck rules over the town with an iron fist. Caleb, his son, was brought up to think that someone else is his father, and when Sheriff Buck decides that he wants to raise Caleb in his image, many come to Caleb's side to help him, including his dead sister Merlyn.

The Viki Android and iPad apps are here!

The wait is over! We’re excited to announce the launch of the Viki Android and iPad apps! To download the Android app, available for both phones and tablets, go to the Android Marketplace, and for the iPad (or iPhone) app, visit the iTunes App Store. And if you’re reading this on your computer, go ahead and point your phone at the below QR codes to quickly download the apps. They're all free.

For Android

For iPhone and iPad

These apps are a great way for you to take the Viki’s TV shows, movies and entertainment news, you love, subtitled in your language, with you wherever you go. Here are some of the features that you’ll find on our new apps:

  • Start watching where you left off. No need to fast forward anymore to find your place!

  • Discover great shows from around the world through the “Featured” and “Coming Soon” sections.

  • Get notified when new shows become available for you to watch.

  • Share your favorite videos with friends through Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email.
Viki on Android

Viki on iPad

A great big “Thank You!” goes out to our amazing beta testers. Thanks so much for helping us develop these apps!

If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, please always feel free to contact us through the Viki Community Support.

Get ready for a new Viki!

Thanks to all your great feedback, we'll soon be launching Phase I of a new and improved, which the entire company has been working incredibly hard on for months.

The new design should make Viki easier to navigate and more enjoyable to use - a space where you'll want to hang out, watch videos and share with friends. The new design will include an updated new look and feel, and new features that Channel staff and contributors have been asking for.

We'll also be be launching a Community homepage, which will be a great place to find out what's happening in the Viki Community! And this is just the beginning. There will be even improvements to come, and I'll be sharing some sneak peaks of the new design and logo soon, so stay tuned!