Mouthwatering Korean movies

Weekends are always a great time to catch up on movies, and this week, we've been bringing you dramas about an important part of Korean culture: food. And now it's time for some movies about food!

Le Grand Chef (식객) is a Korean movie about a young chef named Sung Chan, who competes against his rival for a place in cooking history. But when new information about his family's past is revealed, Sung Chan must make hard decisions about his future in the competition, and as a chef. This movie is available worldwide, except in select countries.

Gourmet (식객) is actually the 2008 drama based on the above movie, Le Grand Chef! This show stars Kim Rae Won as a modern Sung Chan, who runs a small food truck and has a passion for traditional Korean cuisine. Nam Sang Mi and Kim So Yeon also star in this delicious drama, available to viewers in North America and Europe.

Join us again next week for some more movies to fill your weekend!