Travel the world with Tuesdays with Korean Stars

Another week has gone by and so it's time for Tuesday with Korean Stars! This week, see the world with Korean celebrities with It Travel and Star Velo. Both shows are available to viewers worldwide!

It Travel is a travel show that shows you the world through the eyes of a Korean celebrity guide. And not only do you get to see the amazing things that the world has to offer, you'll also get it with the point of view of your guide. In the first episode, follow actor Jang Hyuk around the USA as he travels to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more! If you're interested in segmenting, subtitling, or even being the Channel Manager for this show, let us know.

It Travel: Jang Hyuk in San Francisco

Star Velo is a two-episode bicycle travelogue that follow actors Ha Ji Won and Kim Myung-min through Amsterdam, and Song Joong Ki through Australia. Follow these celebrities as they aim to relax and connect with the local people and cultures. If you'd like to segment, subtitle, or even being the Channel Manager for Star Velo, let us know!

Star Velo: Ha Ji Won and Kim Myung-min