Summer of Comebacks: So Ji Sub, Song Seung Hun & Gong Yoo

As we say goodbye to an awesome Spring season of K-Drama, it's time to turn our gaze to the upcoming shows that will take us through the Summer months. This time, we can look forward to the comebacks of some of our favorite prime-time Korean actors! See who will soon be making their return to the small screen:

Ghost (유령) will feature veteran actor So Ji Sub in his first drama since Road No. 1 in 2010. He will play former detective Kim Woo-Hyun, who investigates the dark world of cyber-crime.  This drama, which also stars the beautiful Lee Yeon-Hee, will air on May 30th and is available to viewers in the Americas.

So Ji Sub, "Ghost"

Time Slip Dr. Jin (타임슬립 닥터진) marks the one-year comeback of Song Seung Hun, whose last drama was My Princess with Kim Tae Hee. He plays a modern-day doctor who is teleported back to the Joseon era. This hot drama, which premiers on May 26th, also stars JYJ's Kim Jaejoong and Park Min-Young. It is available to viewers in the Americas, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Song Seung Hun, "Time Slip Dr. Jin"

Big (빅) is another drama written by the talented Hong Sisters, starring Gong Yoo. This body-switching comedy tells the story of an 18-year-old boy who suddenly becomes trapped in a 30-year-old man's body. Gong Yoo has not acted in a drama since his performance in the popular 2007 show, Coffee Prince. "Big" is set to air on June 4th, and will be available to viewers in the Americas.

Gong Yoo, "Big"

We can't wait to see what these amazing actors have in store for us. Which summer comeback drama are you looking forward to most?

NEW!! Thousands of music videos from popular international artists

Hey, Viki community!

If you love music as much as I do, you'll love our new music videos. Starting today, we have thousands of videos from hundreds of international artists, including some of your favorite TV and movie stars (Eun Jung, anyone?).

We've licensed content from Warner Music Group (WMG), Korea's LOEN Entertainment and Taiwan's SEED Music to bring you music from artists such as Korean girl groups T-araBrown Eyed Girls and Secret; hip-hop sensations Tiger JKYoon Mirae and MIB; Taiwanese artist Kenji Wu; Hong Kong's Khalil Fong; WMG's Madonna, Michelle Branch, Michael Bublé and many more! Click on the new "Music" tab on the homepage, or go directly to

We're currently looking for Channel Managers for many of these new channels, so if you're a super fan and want to try out lyrics, please PM Stephanie. For inspiration, check out this video from Simple Plan, which has already been translated into multiple languages. :)

We'll have a lot more music for you in the coming weeks and months, but as always, if you have any requests or suggestions for features or content please let us know (and don't worry, we're still working hard on licensing more of the dramas and movies you've been asking for, too). For more information, check out our music-related FAQs in the Viki Help Center, as well as our updated Community Guidelines.

And don't miss this very special shout out to the amazing Viki community from K-Pop stars like Jay Park, Seo In Guk, Miss A, UI, BTOB and MIB!

Content Team

Say goodbye to Love Rain, Fashion King, Rooftop Prince & King 2 Hearts

The Spring season of Korean dramas is coming to a close this week, with four top dramas heading towards their final episodes. There's been something for everyone to enjoy: Micky Yoochun's adorable seriousness in Rooftop Prince, Yoo Ah In & Yuri's ambition in Fashion King, Lee Seung Gi's intense performance with Ha Ji Won in The King 2 Hearts, and Jang Geun Suk's romance with YoonA in Love Rain. This was a great season for K-Drama fans around the world, and we all owe a big "thank you" to the outstanding volunteer efforts of the unstoppable Viki community -- who poured their hearts into making these shows available in up to 26 languages.

Fashion King (패션왕) follows four young designers as they pursue their dreams in the fashion center of Seoul, Dongdaemun Market. With love triangles, tense stand-offs, and endless examples of high fashion style, this drama has been a joy for fans to watch, thanks to Team Fashionista.

Fashion King

Love Rain (사랑비) is a classic love story about fate and second chances. It was a big success with overseas fans, who could enjoy the show with incredibly fast and high quality subtitles thanks to The Rainy Love Team. For the last few episodes, Fighting!

Love Rain

Rooftop Prince (옥탑방 왕세자) is a fusion sageuk with a fantastic plot that pulls you in from the first episode through to the last. When Yi Gak, prince of Joseon travels through time to the present, you know that some strange and hilarious events are on the way. The Joseon Power Rangers of Viki have subtitled this drama in record time, finishing episodes in as little as 4 hours!

 Rooftop Prince

The King 2 Hearts (더킹 투하츠) is the long-awaited story of forbidden love across enemy kingdoms, political intrigue, and fighting for what's right. The subtitles by The King's Lovers Team brought out the tensions between North and South Korea, and allowed fans around the world to enjoy the performances of Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won.

The King 2 Hearts

From all of us here at Viki: staff, viewers, contributors, and fans alike, thank you for a wonderful drama season! 

Meet Jenny from the Community Team

¡Hola Vikiers!

¡Saludos desde Seúl, Corea del Sur!

Soy Jenny, la nueva asesora de soporte de la comunidad de Viki, pero a la vez no soy tan nueva! He estado con Viki por ya casi más de 2 años! De verdad que es un placer y un verdadero honor poder estar aquí para representar la comunidad del idioma Español.

¿Quieren saber algo interesante acerca de mi? Soy Coreana, pero a que no pueden adivinar donde nací…Nada más y nada menos que en Caracas, Venezuela!

¿Y saben algo mas? Estoy aquí para ayudarlos con todo todito, con cualquier cosa que necesiten, cualquier duda, cualquier reclamo, cualquier ayuda, ya sea bueno o malo, estoy aquí para todos ustedes, especialmente para la comunidad del idioma Español, donde no han tenido un contacto comunitario dedicado hasta ahora! Así que no duden en contactarme, ya sea a través del Help Desk o por correo :

Ahora, vamos a poner en full marcha un proceso mejor de comunicación que nos ayudará contestar y resolver sus problemas más rápido y con más claridad.

Si todavía no lo han visto, también tenemos un foro donde pueden enviar sus comentarios sobre cualquier cosa que piensan que debería de mejorar en Viki, títulos de series que desean ver, y todo lo demás! También puede ser una plaza donde todos que hablan el castellano se pueden reunir para introducirse, dar y recibir consejos y todo lo demás! Suena chevere, no? Visita el Foro Comunitario de Viki :: En Español

Como dice mi dicho favorito, 'Sé el cambio que quieres ver en el mundo.' ¡Nosotros podemos ser ese cambio y hacer Viki un lugar mejor!

¡Espero conocer mas sobre todos ustedes muy pronto!

Saludos cordiales,


Hello, Vikiers!

This is Jenny. I'm new to the Community team, even though I'm not new to Viki - I've been working here for two years! It's a pleasure and a real honor to be here for all of you.

Want to know something interesting about me? I'm Korean, but I bet that none of you will be able to guess where I was born…The one and only Caracas, Venezuela!

Want to know something else? I'm here to help you with anything - questions? Suggestions? Anything! I'm here to help, especially the Spanish-speaking community members who haven't had a dedicated Community contact yet! So please don't hesitate to contact me, whether through the Help Desk or by email :

In case you haven't checked it out yet, there's also a forum where you can post your comments, including suggested improvement, new title requests and so on. It can also become a plaza where Spanish-speaking community members can get together to introduce themselves, give and receive advice or anything else. Check out the Community Forum :: In Spanish

Like my favorite saying goes, "Be the change you want to see in the world." We can be that change and make Viki a better place! I look forward to communicating more with all of you real soon!

Best regards,

Back to School with Korean Comedies

Aren't there times when you wish you could relive your high school days? The teenage crushes, the easy classes, the massive schoolyard gang fights...what, you didn't have those? Then you must not have gone to school with Yoon Eun-Hye in Escaping Charisma, or Jung Jun Ho in My Boss, My Hero. But don't worry, Viki's got you covered. Find out what you were missing out on in school with these great Korean comedy movies!

Escaping from Charisma (카리스마 탈출기) is not only a hilarious school comedy, but also the 2006 acting debut of Yoon Eun-hye -- who went on to star in wildly popular dramas such as Goong (Princess Hours), Coffee Prince, and Lie to Me. In this film, she plays tomboy and boxer Han Min Joo, who expresses her feelings for a classmate named Han Soo in rather violent ways, especially after she finds out he has a crush on the pretty girl in school. This movie is available worldwide, except in Korea.

Escaping from Charisma

Mr. Wacky (생날 선생) is about that young, hip substitute teacher who you suspect leads a double life as a wild party animal. Spoiled, lazy Woo Ju Ho agreed to teach high school for 2 years so that he wouldn't get disowned by his wealthy grandfather. After witnessing his horrible teaching ability, one of the other teachers at his school decided to step in and set Ju Ho straight -- but it wasn't easy. This film is available to viewers worldwide, except in Korea.

Mr. Wacky

My Boss, My Hero (두사부일체) is about a gang leader whose intelligence was such an embarrassment to his crew that they voted to send him back to school -- tough luck! Starring a younger Jung Jun Ho, who you may remember as Sa Woo from IRIS, this movie is the first in a popular comedy trilogy about the adventures of a Korean mafia group; the last movie in the series is Mafia, the Salesman. Both of  these films are available to viewers worldwide, except in select countries.

My Boss, My Hero

What's your favorite movie that takes you back to the glory days of high school?

A Help Center & personal note from Michael

Hello, everyone!

This is Michael from Viki community support. I hope everyone’s having a great week so far.

As some of you may remember, we launched the Viki Help Center a few months ago in an effort to quickly respond to your incoming requests for technical help, new shows and pretty much anything else you can think of. So I’d like to take this opportunity to answer some of your questions about... the Viki Help Center :)

Submitting Help Center requests and getting auto email replies makes me feel like a number. Who’s exactly answering my messages and why can’t I directly PM Viki staff the way I used to?

We now have two full-time staff (including me) dedicated to gathering and synthesizing all your emails and feedback, and working across Viki to address your concerns. We also get help from other members of our community team, content acquisition team, product managers or engineers -- all of whom we talk to in order to find out when bugs will be fixed, when and if we’ll be acquiring the shows you want, clarification on policy, etc.

Because we receive about 3,000 emails every month (this number is growing as Viki grows), we needed to find a solution that would allow us to receive, respond to and track every message we get so that we can better service everyone. To do this, we use a popular customer service software called Zendesk, which is the backbone of the Viki Help Center. The software allows us to know whether multiple people are writing about the same issue, whether we’ve responded to everyone and how quickly, etc.

The downside of implementing more efficiencies -- and, ironically, providing better customer service -- is that the process itself can feel less “human.” When you receive auto-reply emails, it can seem cold, especially for those of you who were used to PMing Viki staff directly.

Please know, however, that the intention is better support, and that I or someone else on the team will review and respond to every single person who writes in. If we sometime seem like “all business,” it’s really not intentional. I truly love Viki, and I know that the community is what makes Viki so unique.

It sometimes feels like it takes forever to get a response from you guys. Why the wait?

In the past, we were horrible at getting back to you in timely manner. Even as recently as December, we still had messages from the previous July that were waiting for an answer! That’s why we launched the Help Center, streamlined the response process and hired dedicated CS team members.

I’m very proud to report that the vast majority of people who email us now receive an answer within 72 hours and often within 24 hours. On a related note: while we value every Viki user, inquiries from Qualified Contributors also go to the top of the queue (to learn more about becoming a QC, click here).

Most Internet start-ups -- even ones that claim to be about community -- don’t even respond to user emails, so I’m proud to be part of a team that thinks differently.

My goal is to get our response time down to 24 hours or less. On a more personal note, I’d like to improve my relationship with some community members (you know who you are! :) who have had issues with me, CS or Viki’s “lack of understanding” about community pain points.

We’re a very small team and trying the best we can, so please bear with us as we make mistakes, figure things out, and try to make things better. If I or any of us mess up along the way, definitely tell me, but your patience is always appreciated!

No matter how great the customer service is, it still doesn’t change the fact that I need my issue fixed or I still don’t see the show I want.

Fair point. :) We’re hiring as many great engineers as we can so that we can be on top of video performance (your number one request!), more content (see Razmig, our CEO’s blog here about content licensing) and generally being faster to fix bugs and improve the site.

Hopefully you’ve already noticed many changes -- some big and some small -- for the better. And believe me, I’m bugging the engineers and content acquisition team on a daily basis with your requests! I’m on your side, so keep writing in!

What’s the best and fastest way to get help for my issue?

Barring the Internet going down, here are the best ways to get help that will guarantee a response from us:

  1. Send an e-mail to, OR

  2. Go directly to the Help Center (click “Help Center” at the bottom of every page on and fill out the help request form


Finally, quality customer service is my passion, so if you ever feel that you received a message that was less than friendly, please let me know. As I frequently mention in my messages to you, my door is always open, and I am always happy to chat about anything.

I have a lot of experience working with various Internet communities, and I have to say that the Viki community is the most passionate and most vocal I’ve ever encountered... which is awesome, and to which I will always be...

At your service,

Qualified Contributor (QC) Status Update

Hello everyone,

This post is to explain the current changes being made to Qualified Contributor status on Viki, and how you can get QC status back if you feel that we've removed it by mistake.

Viki users whose accounts have been inactive in qualified contributions (currently defined as segmenting and subbing) for the past six months have experienced a change in their QC status. If you've been active in subbing/segmenting during that time, or you've made other significant contributions to channels, please send an e-mail to so that we can review your QC status for possible reinstatement (for more details about QC status, see the QC guidelines here).

In the future, reminder messages will be sent out before a user's QC status is changed, giving you advanced notice and a chance to return to contributing. This time, the status update was automated and each person has or will receive a PM from me about the change. We're sorry about any confusion this has caused, and we will continue working to make this process smoother for contributors.

Thank you, and if you have any questions please send an e-mail to

Stephanie & the rest of the Viki Team

Celebrating Mothers & Movies

Today is Mother's Day in many countries around the world. The earliest tribute to mothers dates back to annual Greek festivals, but celebrated as an official holiday in the United States nearly 105 years ago. To help honor mothers, you can watch some of these titles, which highlight the love, wisdom (and nagging :) that are universal to mothers everywhere.

Under the Bombs(تحت القصف taht alqasf‎) is an award-winning independent Lebanese film about a mother who will do whatever it takes to find her missing son during a time of war. Zeina Nasrueddi is a Lebanese Muslim who has been living in Dubai. When marital troubles arise, she sends her son to spend the summer with her sister in Lebanon. When the war breaks out, she travels to Lebanon and convinces a taxi driver to join her on the incredibly risky journey to find her son and sister. The film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and won both the Alternative Vision Award and EIUC Award at the Venice Film Festival. This is available for US and Canada.

Under the Bombs

Bravo my Life (사랑해 말순씨) is the story about the life and relationships of a mother and son, starring Moon So-Ri, Lee Jae-Eung and Yoon Jin-Seo. The story begins in October 1979 with the news of President Park’s assassination. While the son's father is in Saudi Arabia Gwang-ho's mother, Mal-sun devotes everything to her children, despite suffering from a nagging illness. This title is available worldwide except for a few countries.

Bravo My Life

Kath and Kim is the American adaptation of the Australian hit comedy series, starring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair as the hilarious and iconoclastic mother-daughter duo. When Kath's spoiled grown-up daughter moves back home and announces she is getting a divorce, comedy and conflict ensues. This show is available in most of South East Asia.

Kath and Kim

Smile Mom (웃어요 엄마) deals with the reconciliation & love stories of 3 mothers their daughters. Each pair is faced with obstacles they overcome together. Jo Bok Hee's (Lee Mi-Sook) successful daughter, Shin Dal Rae (Kang Min-Kyung), is diagnosed with an incurable disease. Kang Shin Young (Yun Jung-Hee) is betrayed when her husband, Shin Muh Roo (Lee Jae-Hwang ) is unfaithful. Don't miss this drama which portraits the strength and love of mothers. This drama is available worldwide, except in Asia.

Smile, Mom

To all the mothers around the world, we wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!

Watch more than 25 new anime titles!

Anime fans, brace yourselves, because we've got more than 25 great new titles to watch, many of them available worldwide! Here are some highlights:

Makoto Shinkai

Three titles from renowned director Makoto Shinkai, who’s been called “the new Miyazaki,” include stunning feature films like 5 Centimeters Per Second and The Place Promised in Our Early Days, as well as the short film Voice of Distant Star.

5 Centimeters Per Second

Osamu Tezuka

Tezuka is best known for his classic anime series Astro Boy and Black Jack. He's often called the "Godfather of Anime" and is considered the Japanese Walt Disney for his huge influence on animation. In fact Disney's movie The Lion King is partly based on Tezuka's anime series Jungle Emperor Leo.

Jungle Emperor Leo 
Jungle Emperor Leo

Check out even more Tezuka titles:

Dating a younger man - is age just a number?

Can relationships work out between an older woman and younger man? According to some of the latest Korean Dramas, this type of relationship may have a rocky start but can be successful in the end. Our Noona & Ahjumma fans here on Viki might be pleased to know that in Korea, dating younger men has become a trend in recent years, called "연상연하커플" (Yeon-sang/Yeon-ha Couple). And the dramas for this week's Tuesday with Korean Stars deserve much of the credit for supporting this kind of pairing!

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (아직도 결혼하고싶은 여자) is one of the funniest and sweetest dramas of 2010, and a must-see for any Noona fan who enjoyed watching Kim Bum in Boys Over Flowers. Here, he plays carefree college student Ha Min Jae, who never paid attention in class until he met his new guest professor, Lee Shin Young. An independent and accomplished TV journalist, Shin Young had just about given up on her love life and her career; but a particularly handsome and smart-mouthed student managed to catch her attention. Tackling the "single older woman" stereotype head-on, this hilarious drama shows the difficulties and the exciting parts of dating a younger man, with plenty of heart-melting scenes (like the piggy-back below) for Noona fans to enjoy! It's available to viewers in the US and Canada.

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

Baby-Faced Beauty (동안미녀) is for the Noonas and Ahjummas who are constantly mistaken for a college student because of their petite and youthful appearance. 34-year-old Lee So Young, played by talented singer Jang Nara, dreamed of being a fashion designer, but her lack of qualifications always held her back. Applying as her younger, college graduate sister, So Young was successfully admitted to a fashion company where she met Choi Jin Wook -- who happens to look much older than he really is. Do you think So Young and Jin Wook's relationship won't meet with many challenges because they look to be the same age? Think again! This cute and funny drama is available to viewers in North and South America.

Baby-Faced Beauty

My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (내 이름은 김삼순) may be the K-Drama that started the trend of older woman couples -- if only we could all have a charming, wealthy hotelier chasing after us! For those of you who watched Hyun Bin woo Ha Ji Won's character in Secret Garden, you'll recognize his cold stare, arrogant remarks, and moments of tenderness in this  2007 romantic comedy. But Kim Sun Ah, who's not your average skinny, young, innocent heroine, steals the show with an incredible acting performance. Just watch the first episode where her character, playing Kim Sam-Soon, confronts her cheating boyfriend, and you'll fall in love with her character immediately. This drama is available in the US and Canada.

My Name is Kim Sam-Soon

Whether you want to hop on the trend of dating younger men, or you're hesitant because of the risks and challenges, we can all enjoy watching these relationships unfold through Korean Dramas on Viki! And tune in again next week for another Tuesday with Korean Stars!

Award-winning Korean Mystery Movies

One thing we love about Korean movies here at Viki is the ever-present element of mystery. Whether it's the race to find a killer who's always one step ahead, or a slow revealing of the hero's tragic childhood, the best Korean films have a way of pulling us in and making us want to solve the mysteries ourselves.  For this week's Korean Movie Marathon, we've picked out two Korean mystery movies that are not to be missed.

Antarctic Journal (남극일기) stars two incredibly talented and accomplished actors, Yoo Ji Tae and Song Kang Ho, who we remember from famous Korean films directed by acclaimed director Park Chan-Wook, JSA: Joint Security Area and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Watch as these two antarctic explorers attempt to reach the remotest point on Earth, but encounter dangerous, supernatural forces that threaten their survival. Part mystery, part action thriller, this 2005 film will keep you on your toes. This movie is available to viewers worldwide, except in select countries.

Antarctic Journal

301/302 (삼공일/삼공이) is the unique story of a pair of apartment neighbors who are the definition of incompatible. One is an anorexic writer who keeps to herself and the other, a chef who loves to feed everyone around her. Both of these women are obsessive-compulsive, but meet life's challenges in different ways because of things that happened to them in the past. Their tense interactions make normal roommate arguments look like child's play, but do they eventually learn from one another's experience? This movie, an Official Sundance Film Festival Selection, is available to viewers worldwide except for those in the USA, China, and Korea.


Are there any other Korean mysteries you think should be on Viki? As always, you can look forward to more movie recommendations next week!

New features: Power Segmenter and Subtitle Lock!

We're excited to tell you about two new features that the community has been asking for, and that are available immediately. Power Segmenters will now be able to segment any video on Viki without first having to be approve by Channel staff. Plus, Channel Managers and Moderators are now able to lock the subtitles of a completed language with the new Subtitle Lock feature!

Power Segmenter

The new Power Segmenter program is very similar to the old Super Segmenter program that was retired awhile ago. A Power Segmenter, a status that is granted to the most active and high quality segmenters, are able to segment any video, regardless of whether they have been added as a segmenter or not. You'll be able to identify Power Segmenters by the icon on their profile pages. Many former Super Segmenters have been automatically granted Power Segmenter status, but we want to make sure that all the best segmenters have this status. So, if you'd like to nominate someone to become a Power Segmenter, please let us know!

Subtitle Lock

Channel Managers and Moderators are now able to lock the subtitles of languages that are 98% or more complete. This means that no one, including the channel team, will be able to modify the subtitles in that language. But not to worry -- Channel Managers and Moderators are able to unlock subtitles as well. Moderators are only able to lock/unlock the languages that they're responsible for, while the Channel Manager can lock/unlock all languages.

Channel Managers and Moderators can follow these steps to lock subtitles:

  • Go to "Manage Channel" on your Channel page

  • Click the "Videos" tab

  • Click "Lock/Unlock Subtitles"

  • Click the padlock symbol of the language you want to lock. Once you do this, the padlock will change to the locked position, which means that the subtitles are locked.

  • To unlock subtitles, click on the locked padlock. It will change to the unlocked position, which means that the subtitles are unlocked.

Some of the best features on Viki come from community suggestions. So please keep the feedback coming!

3 Makoto Shinkai anime titles now on Viki!

Today, we're very excited to announce three anime titles that are now available on Viki, from renowned director Makoto Shinkai, who's been called "the new Miyazaki." Don't miss the two stunning feature films, 5 Centimeters Per Second and The Place Promised in Our Early Days, or the short film, Voice of Distant Star!

5 Centimeters Per Second

Can young love stand the test of time and distance? "5 Centimeters Per Second," a 2007 Japanese animated feature film by renowned anime director Makoto Shinkai, follows the life of Takaki Tono from elementary school in the early 1990s to young adulthood in modern-day Tokyo in three interconnected segments. After Akari Shinohara transfers to Takaki's elementary school, the two develop an instant close friendship that gradually blossoms into young love. But when Akari's family moves to Tochigi, they are forced to keep in touch by writing letters - a task that comes easily at first but grows harder as Takaki reaches young adulthood and loses touch with his emotions. When Takaki finds out that his own family will be moving to Kagoshima, he decides to visit Akari before distance makes it too difficult in the future. But a severe storm keeps delaying his train from reaching Akari, making Takaki wonder if he will ever be able to see her again. The trip forces Takaki to confront his melancholic existence, pining for a past love that may have long faded in the cold reality of passing time. This critically acclaimed film won the Lancia Platinum Grand Prize for best movie in animation or special effects at the Future Film Festival and Best Animated Feature Film at the 2007 Asia Pacific Screen Awards. It has been made into a book, written by Shinkai, and a manga series. The title refers to the rate at which cherry blossoms fall to the ground, a metaphor for the way people's lives drift apart over time.


Voice of Distant Star

Middle school students Mikako Nagamine and Noboru Terao are close friends and members of the same club activities. But in the summer of 2046, Mikako tells Noboru that she has been chosen as a Select Member of the United Nations Space Army. Mikako leaves Earth in the winter of 2047, while Noboru goes on to high school in Japan. Separated by space, the two try to stay in touch by mobile mail. However, as Mikako goes farther out in the solar system on board the Lysithea spaceship, it takes increasingly longer for each to receive the other's mail. Noboru stays on Earth, frustrated by his situation and resigned to the fact that he can only wait for Mikako's emails. As time goes by, the Lysithea fleet approaches a time warp, a situation that make both Mikako and Noboru acutely aware of the time gap separating them.

The Place Promised in Our Early Days

'The Place Promised in Our Early Days', a Japanese anime film created and directed by Makoto Shinkai, takes place in Japan during the late 1990s in an alternate timeline, post-World War II where Japan has been divided and occupied by two rival powers. Hokkaido has been annexed by the "UNION" while Honshu and the other southern islands have come under U.S. occupation. Hiroki, Takuya and Sayuri are two young boys and a girl living in Aomori, the closest province in Honshu to Hokkaido. These three young classmates become fascinated by the gigantic yet mysterious tower that they see across the Tsugaru Strait, promising that one day they will build and fly an aircraft to the tower to unravel its mystery. However, their project is abandoned after the disappearance of Sayuri. Three years later, Hiroki finds out that Sayuri had been in a coma for the past three years, and asks Takuya to help him find a way to revive her. What they don't know yet is that Sayuri's unconsciousness is somehow linked to the secrets of the UNION tower...

Director, Makoto Shinkai biography:

Born in 1973, NAGANO prefecture in Japan. Studied Japanese Literature at college. Previously he worked at a computer game company for five years, and now works as a full-time director and visual creator. In 2000, Shinkai directed an animation “She and Her Cat,” and followed by “The voices of a distant star” in 2002. “The voices of a distant star” has several awards including Special Prize of Cultural Affairs’ “Media Art Festival.” In 2004, “The Place Promised in Our Early Days,” a first feature film animation directed by Shinkai, released theatrically nationwide in Japan. “The Place Promised...” was nominated for Shanghai Int’l Film Festival, and awarded as “Best Animation Feature film” in Seoul Int’l Animation Festival.

Director, Makoto Shinkai filmography:

- She And Her Cat (2000: 5min/Drama) Director/Animation/Art Director/Screenplay

- Awarded Human Grand-Prix in "SKIP Creative Human Award 2000" (JAPAN) Awarded Grand-Prix in "12th DoGA CG-Animation Contest" (JAPAN)

- The voices of a distant star: (2002: 25minutes Drama/Sci-Fi) Director/Animation/Art Director/Screenplay

- Awarded The Award for image design in “Digital Contents Grand Prix 2002"(JAPAN)

- Awarded in "The 6th Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival"(JAPAN)

- Awarded Best Director in "The AMD Award/Digital Contents of the Year 2002"(JAPAN)

- Awarded the Best New Comer of Tokyo Int’l Animation Festival 2002

-The Place Promised in Our Early Days (2004: 91minutes Drama/Sci-Fi) Director/ Animation/Art Director/Screenplay

-Silver Prize for Best Feature Film category in Canada Fantasia Film Festival (CANADA)

  • -  Awarded Animation Grand Prix at The 59th Mainichi Film Concur (JAPAN)

  • -  Awarded the Best feature film in Seoul Int’l Animation Festival (Korea)

  • -  Nominated The 9th Shanghai International Film Festival (CHINA)
These are just some of the exciting CoMix Wave Film titles that we have coming your way. Don't forget to check them out and like them on Facebook to find out more about them, as well as about Makoto Shinkai!