Dating a younger man - is age just a number?

Can relationships work out between an older woman and younger man? According to some of the latest Korean Dramas, this type of relationship may have a rocky start but can be successful in the end. Our Noona & Ahjumma fans here on Viki might be pleased to know that in Korea, dating younger men has become a trend in recent years, called "연상연하커플" (Yeon-sang/Yeon-ha Couple). And the dramas for this week's Tuesday with Korean Stars deserve much of the credit for supporting this kind of pairing!

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (아직도 결혼하고싶은 여자) is one of the funniest and sweetest dramas of 2010, and a must-see for any Noona fan who enjoyed watching Kim Bum in Boys Over Flowers. Here, he plays carefree college student Ha Min Jae, who never paid attention in class until he met his new guest professor, Lee Shin Young. An independent and accomplished TV journalist, Shin Young had just about given up on her love life and her career; but a particularly handsome and smart-mouthed student managed to catch her attention. Tackling the "single older woman" stereotype head-on, this hilarious drama shows the difficulties and the exciting parts of dating a younger man, with plenty of heart-melting scenes (like the piggy-back below) for Noona fans to enjoy! It's available to viewers in the US and Canada.

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry

Baby-Faced Beauty (동안미녀) is for the Noonas and Ahjummas who are constantly mistaken for a college student because of their petite and youthful appearance. 34-year-old Lee So Young, played by talented singer Jang Nara, dreamed of being a fashion designer, but her lack of qualifications always held her back. Applying as her younger, college graduate sister, So Young was successfully admitted to a fashion company where she met Choi Jin Wook -- who happens to look much older than he really is. Do you think So Young and Jin Wook's relationship won't meet with many challenges because they look to be the same age? Think again! This cute and funny drama is available to viewers in North and South America.

Baby-Faced Beauty

My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (내 이름은 김삼순) may be the K-Drama that started the trend of older woman couples -- if only we could all have a charming, wealthy hotelier chasing after us! For those of you who watched Hyun Bin woo Ha Ji Won's character in Secret Garden, you'll recognize his cold stare, arrogant remarks, and moments of tenderness in this  2007 romantic comedy. But Kim Sun Ah, who's not your average skinny, young, innocent heroine, steals the show with an incredible acting performance. Just watch the first episode where her character, playing Kim Sam-Soon, confronts her cheating boyfriend, and you'll fall in love with her character immediately. This drama is available in the US and Canada.

My Name is Kim Sam-Soon

Whether you want to hop on the trend of dating younger men, or you're hesitant because of the risks and challenges, we can all enjoy watching these relationships unfold through Korean Dramas on Viki! And tune in again next week for another Tuesday with Korean Stars!