Boy Band Week is here!

Hey Viki fans!

How's your week so far? Sure hope it's good because this week on Viki music, it's boy band week! We'll introduce a series of songs through our site, Facebook and Twitter, from TEEN TOP, BTOB, MYNAME, the Boss and even Super Junior. And it's not all just a Korean affair -- we've also be showcasing Simple Plan, Rico Blanco, Edison Chen and Kenji Wu. Here's an overview of what's coming!

Super Junior is one of Korea's top boy bands, and they'll be releasing their 6th album on July 1. Remember the patriotism displayed by the boys as they sang 'Victory Korea' during the World Cup 2010 tournament? Relive that high energy once more as we anticipate their latest single! And get excited because Viki has a special Super Junior surprise for you over the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more updates!

Super Junior

Teen Top is a 6-member boy group founded by Andy Lee of Shinhwa in 2010. The boys are known for their dance tracks and are noted as one of Korea's rising stars in 2012. The boys are back with a new track, 'To You'. The colorful MV shows a different side to the boys, with well-synced dance moves that'll sweep you off your feet.

Teen Top


MYNAME is back with their first mini album earlier this month. Hello & Goodbye is now available on Viki. The MV tells a sad story about a young man who meets a girl through a mafia leader. They fall in love only to meet a tragic end. Guess who plays the young man in the story!

Simple Plan is not your typical boy band today, but they started out as a pop/punk rock band way back in 1999 and had won several international music awards since 2003. 'Crazy' is a song about a guy wondering why people don't see things the way he does. You might think it's one of those melancholic rock songs, but you'll realize that lead vocal, Mr. Pierre Bouvier is singing about realistic issues in the modern world.

Simple Plan
Edison Chen

Edison Chen is a singer/actor from Hong Kong. 'I Can Fly' is a song written by Jay Chou for Edison's comeback in 2010 after a long break. There have been mixed reviews on pretty boy, Edison's take on this song. What do you think? Did he do Jay proud?

Stay tuned for more exiting music coming to you this week, during boy band week!