Happy Birthday Ha Ji Won!

Yesterday was the 33rd birthday of Korean actress Ha Ji Won, who most recently starred in the much-loved drama, The King 2 Hearts. We love that Ha Ji Won brings something different to the female lead role; she always plays characters who are strong (physically and emotionally!), down to earth, and fight for what's right. Some might say that her most famous K-Drama characters are connected to each other. So let's wish Ha Ji Won a wonderful birthday by celebrating her awesome acting career!

Damo (다모) is an award-winning historical drama that has captured fans from all over the world since its debut in 2003. Ha Ji Won plays a Joseon Dynasty undercover police officer from the lower class, investigating the money-laundering schemes of the high court. She falls in love with the leader of a rebel group, but they cannot be together because of a shocking revelation about their past life. Damo is available in the US & Canada.

Ha Ji Won in "Damo"

In Secret Garden (시크릿가든) Ha Ji Won continues to use her sword skills, but this time as movie stunt woman, Gil Ra Im. A wealthy CEO played by Hyun Bin takes interest in her tough image, and just as they start to get close, a mystical spell causes them to switch bodies! How can love survive when roles are switched and social differences keep these two apart? Secret Garden is available worldwide except in certain countries.

Stuntwoman Gil Raim in "Secret Garden"

The King 2 Hearts (더킹) features Ha Ji Won in a commanding role, leading the North Korean military special operations unit in a realistic fantasy world. Lee Seung Gi plays the crown prince of South Korea, drawn to a forbidden romance with Ji Won's stoic character. The King 2 Hearts is available in the Americas and Southeast Asia.

[caption id="attachment_1207" align="aligncenter" width="350"] "The King 2 Hearts"[/caption]

Is it possible that Ha Ji Won's spirit from Damo was given new life in the characters of Gil Ra Im and Hang Ah? You'll have to watch these riveting dramas on Viki to find out. Happy Birthday Ha Ji Won, from Viki!