Is Lee Min Ho your perfect match?

Have you ever watched Lee Min Ho in Korean dramas and dreamed that you would one day be soulmates? Now you can come one step closer to finding out what destiny has in store. Below, see if your star sign and blood type are compatible with the hottest bachelor in Korea. And take our special romantic compatibility quiz on Facebook to see if you're a true match!

Yesterday, we celebrated Lee Min Ho's 25th birthday. Being born on June 22nd makes him a Cancer, according to the astrological horoscope. Does your astrological horoscope make you his perfect match?

Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio -- Congratulations, you're a match made in heaven! You and Lee Min Ho share similar values and qualities, and will have an instant connection.

Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius -- You and Min Ho are very alike, so you'd probably have a nice and stable relationship. But having the same qualities means you might share the same faults too.

Sagittarius, Leo -- You're a couple like water and oil. You might start dating because of curiosity, but it would be a miracle if you and Lee Min Ho fell in love.

Capricorn, Virgo  -- This pair can succeed if you take the lead in the relationship. Min Ho would love to learn from your experience so teach him well!

Aries, Libra -- Get ready for a wild ride! This relationship would be a lot of fun in the beginning, but there will probably be lots of arguments down the line.

In our blog post about Lee Min Ho's birthday, we revealed that his blood type is A! Check to see if your blood types makes you a good match:

Type A & Type AB -- You're a perfect match! You and Lee Min Ho are both calm, rational, and able to be introverted or outgoing depending on the situation.

Type B -- This wouldn't be a great match, because your personalities are very different -- you're very independent and focused on your own goals, which could rub Lee Min Ho the wrong the way!

Type O -- You're creative, competitive and popular, and often the center of attention; this might not mix well with Min Ho's quiet but self-conscious personality. You'd be better off as friends.

Lee Min Ho is ready to get hitched! Are you the one?