Viki Community Support is now on Twitter, @VikiSupport!

Hi everyone! Michael here, from Viki Community Support. Hope you're all having an enjoyable and relaxing summer so far (or winter, for our friends south of the equator)!

Well, you asked - and we listened :-) For some time now, community members have been looking for a way to get real-time updates from us here in Community Support. Updates on bugs, product changes and fixes were historically being broadcast to the community mainly through word-of-mouth communication between members and through direct, one-on-one communication from us through responses to your help requests (which recipients told us they were sharing widely in the community through private messages).

But now, we've created a new @VikiSupport Twitter handle that you can follow or check to get real time updates on issues that affect your experience on Viki. Also, a new design of the Viki Community Support page is coming soon, and it will prominently feature our Twitter feed. But for now, either browse or follow our Twitter page to catch up on the latest developments.

Note: Following us on Twitter for updates does not change how you can get help from us in Viki Community Support. Remember, there are two sure fire ways to get assistance, fast:

  • Send us an e-mail: info (at) viki (dot) com

  • Fill out our form in the Help Center.

As always, we're happy to help you if you need assistance, so be sure to use one of the ways above to get one-on-one help from us. Unfortunately, we can't effectively solve issues through Twitter, so please note that Twitter will only be used for updates - not troubleshooting issues.

We "soft launched" this feature a couple of weeks ago to see how the Community would react, and the feedback has been amazing! Thanks to everyone who has discovered and followed us on Twitter so far.

I'm truly grateful for everyone's participation in the Viki Community, and I love working with you guys every day. Thanks for making Viki so meaningful - and fun - for everyone!