Celebrate the Close of the Olympics with Viki Music

The 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremonies are coming up soon, and if you haven't already heard, music will be a very big part of the celebration. Here on Viki, we have great music from all over the world -- here are some of the best artists in our library!

Nicholas Teo (张栋梁/Zhang Dong Liang) is a Taiwanese pop singer adored for his smooth vocals and boyish looks. Nicholas grew up in Malaysia and studied in Taiwan; after winning many singing competitions and turning down a contract as a back-up singer, he pursued music on his own and is now a very successful singer throughout Asia. Fun fact: his smile often gets him mistaken for Korean actor, Kim Jae Won. His sad love ballads like "Why Cry" hit all the right blue notes that give you chills, so go check out his channel!

Nicholas Teo[/caption]

Navi (나비) is a Korean Soul and R&B singer with a powerful voice often compared to stars like Alicia Keys. She has been chosen to sing on the Original Sound Tracks of many K-Dramas, so you'll probably recognize her voice in her happy guitar ballad "Diary" or "Cause My Heart Hurt."

[caption id="attachment_1572" align="aligncenter" width="360"] Navi[/caption]

Kotak is a popular rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia, who rose to fame after winning the Dream Band competition in 2004. With a steady rock sound and unique vocals, Kotak is a great avenue to dive into Indonesian music if you've never heard it before.

[caption id="attachment_1571" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Kotak[/caption]

Tell us if you've discovered any cool new music from Viki!