New Feature: A new and improved PM system!

The feedback that we get from the community is incredibly valuable, because it helps us continue to develop Viki. One part of Viki that we've gotten lots of comments and suggestions about is the Private Message (PM) system. And now we're excited to announce that, in the next few days, you'll see a brand new messaging system, in which PMs will be threaded!

Threading means that when you open a PM from a friend, you'll see the entire conversation -- the original message, as well as all replies. We hope that this will make keeping track of your messages easier! You'll also see your Inbox and Sent folders combined into one "Private Messages" folder, which will make finding your threads quick and easy.

Although the messaging system is getting a makeover, don't think that we're stopping here :). Please send us any feedback that you have, as we're going to continue to work on the messaging system (as well as every other part of the website, of course!). Our goal is to have the best messaging system possible!



We’re currently scheduled to release the new PM system at around 6:30pm Aug 6, 2012, Pacific Time, but please understand that releases can be delayed for many reasons. We won’t release the feature unless we think it’s ready :) . That said, we’ll work hard to try to get this new feature to you on time!

PM conversations started in the last 30 days will be turned into threads, but older ones, unfortunately, won’t. And, of course, all new PM conversations that you start will be threaded.

When the feature is released, you’ll only see conversations that were started in the last 30 days. Don’t worry — all other messages will show up soon after (you should see all your message again within about 3 days), but they won’t be threaded. With time, you’ll see older and older messages show up in your message folder again. This is being done in order to reduce the risk of our system losing any of your PMs.