Filipino Shows Return to Viki

We're excited to announce that Filipino TV shows are coming back to Viki! Many more shows are coming soon, but check out these three fun shows now. They are all available to viewers worldwide.

Mars Ravelo's "Dyesebel" is a fantasy tale of a mermaid growing up in modern times. Born with fish's fins instead of legs, Dyesebel (played by award-winning actress Marian Rivera) struggles to fit in with her community and is sent to live in the sea, where a completely different society rules beneath the water.

Dyesebel the beautiful mermaid

"Amaya" is a historical epic set in the Philippines of the pre-Colonial 1500's. If you're a fan of historical dramas from Korea or Hong Kong, be sure to give this show a try and learn about the history of the Philippines before Spanish colonization.

Historical super-princess, Amays

"Darna" is an action-packed drama/fantasy series based on much-loved Filipina superhero of the same name. With a battle-ready costume even sexier than Wonderwoman from the US, Darna has powers of flight, strength, and even superhuman speed. Watch her take on evil villains and save the world!

Superhero Darna is a normal girl named "Narda" by day

This is only the beginning of the great programs that are coming to Viki, straight from the Philippines. Follow the blog or check back often for more updates!