Guest Post: The Making of a K-Pop Flash Mob

This is a guest blog post by Victoria Loi, who choreographed the flashmob at the 2NE1 concert in Los Angeles, CA on August 24th, 2012.

Only a week after performing in my first flash mob, I was called to organize a second one for 2NE1's upcoming concert. I was excited for the opportunity, and after chatting with Stephanie from and David from KPOP United, I agreed to get things started.

At the first practice, everyone was a bit shy at first, but I focused on helping people break out of their shells and be fierce. We practiced 2-3 hours every Saturday for a month. I was able to watch this group grow, not only as individuals, but as a family. Ricky posted video tutorials on YouTube so that even dancers who couldn't make practice could learn at home.

On August 4th, the OC KPOP FLASHMOB (as we started calling ourselves) took over Diamond Jamboree Plaza. It was a hundred degrees, but they went all out. We were truly blessed to have such an amazing film crew, Matthew, Joshua, and Mark, to help cover this event. To see people grab their phones to take pictures and cheering us on was an amazing feeling.

Vi and the OC KPOP Flashmob dancers at Diamond Jamboree

Ricky and Matthew uploaded the video of our performance on YouTube for everyone to see. I loved the video, but unfortunately we received some dislikes and rude comments. I realized that there will always be people who will criticize you for no reason, but what matters is that we are a group and together we shine greater than on our own. From this experience, I’ve learned to just keep smiling and move forward. It has made me a stronger gal.

The concert day was a roller coaster. It started out with a great workshop led by K-Pop choreographer Aimee Lee Lucas, who cleaned up our dance moves and offered lots of advice. But when we arrived at Nokia Theater, we were told that for security reasons, we could not perform in the plaza. At the last minute, Stephanie from came and saved the day. She got in touch with YG Entertainment, who gave us the okay to have the flash mob!

Even though we were ready to dance, we didn't have big enough speakers to perform. But we saw the crowd waiting for us to start and decided to perform the flash mob a capella, without music! It was unique and fun, and turned out to be a very good idea. Not only does it show that we know 2NE1’s dances, we also know [most] of the lyrics! We’re a group who doesn’t speak Korean fluently, but because we love the songs so much, the words just got implanted in our minds. We were different and memorable. Thank you for the shirts and the headphones! I know that made me extremely happy because they’re just too cute! The entire experience was unforgettable.

Flashmob performs "I Love You" by 2NE1

After the flashmob was over, things got very exciting. People wanted to do interviews with us and take pictures with us. And we went home after the concert, we saw fancams on Youtube, our photo on 2NE1’s official FB page, and articles up on all sorts of KPOP news websites! I honestly never expected it to get this huge. The OC KPOP FLASHMOB did it!

Coordinating a flashmob isn’t easy; it can be stressful and it involves many legal and financial issues. But it was all worth it in the end. Who would’ve thought that a group of all sorts of different backgrounds, nationalities, ages, etc. would put on a performance like this? We're just a group of KPOP lovers who want to show their love for the girls of 2NE1!

 The whole group poses in front of Nokia Theater

As of right now, Ricky and I are in the process of creating a new flashmob for the BIG BANG concert happening in November of this year. If anyone is interested, please follow our twitter and subscribe to our Youtube channel. Thank you David and Stephanie from KPOP UNITED. Thank you Aimee Lee Lucas. Thank you Matthew, Joshua, and Mark. Thank you Elements of Music. Thank you Ray Lim. Thank you so much for making this happen for us. And especially Stephanie Parker for being with us on the concert day! Your presence there really made a difference. You gave Ricky and I strength to make this happen. Thank you to all of the dancers. Without you, there’d be no flashmob. I am so proud of how far we’ve gotten and I love us! And last but not least, thank you Ricky for being my amazing partner.

OC KPOP FLASHMOB HWAITING! Remember, be fierce! Hope to see everyone as well as new faces at the next project!

-Victoria Loi

Twitter: @VitaMeVi