Song Joong Ki Turns Bad in "Nice Guy"

It's always a treat to see our favorite light-hearted actors take on darker, more dramatic roles -- and we'll surely be treated to a fantastic performance when Song Joong Ki turns evil for upcoming drama, "The Innocent Man (a.k.a. Nice Guy)," which premieres on September 12th.

[caption id="attachment_1751" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Song Joong Ki takes revenge on Park Shi Yeon[/caption]

Whether you fell for his playful antics in Sungkyunkwan Scandal,  or his conflicted persona as King Sejong in a Tree with Deep Roots, Song Joong Ki has captivated viewers whenever he's been on screen. His handsome face and smooth (almost lyrical) delivery of lines have made him a true Hallyu star. Watch his interview about "The Innocent Man (a.k.a. Nice Guy)" and previous acting roles here on Star News.

[caption id="attachment_1748" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Song Joong Ki's interview[/caption]

In "The Innocent Man (a.k.a. Nice Guy," Song Joong Ki will play a vengeful ex-lover who seeks to destroy the life and career of the woman who left him, played by Park Shi Yeon of Coffee House. Do you think this "pretty boy" can successfully pull off a dark character in his next drama project? Catch the premiere on September 12th following the finale of Bridal Mask. This drama is available to viewers in the Americas.