The Innocent Man comes to an end

This week, The Innocent Man (previously known as "Nice Guy") reaches its final conclusion. The twisted plot that weaves together the lives of Ma Ru, Eun Gi, and Jae Hee has been picking up speed in the last few episodes, and you can watch them all on Viki if you are in the Americas. If nothing else, you should check out an episode to see one of the most foreboding and attractive introduction sequences in all of K-Drama.

"The Innocent Man" ends today

The Innocent Man follows events in the life of Kang Ma Ru, a promising young medical student who gave up his his future to protect his hometown sweetheart, Han Jae Hee. After confessing to a murder that Jae Hee herself committed, Ma Ru lived as a swindler and con artist for years. He could not be hired for a normal job, let alone return to medical school, because of his criminal record. When Ma Ru discovers that Jae Hee has maneuvered into the powerful Taesan Group family, he plots to bring her down, manipulating the chairman's daughter to get closer to Jae Hee.

The three main characters are complex and well-written, and it's interesting to see how they all come to share similar flaws and desires.

Kang Ma Ru, played by Song Joong Ki (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, A Tree with Deep Roots), is a master at lying and using others, but willingly sacrifices himself to protect the woman he loves. It might have been hard to imagine such a "baby-faced" actor in this dark role, but all doubts are cast aside when he goes into plotting mode. Viewers know what I'm talking about: when his gaze rests on his target, his smirk disappears, and ominous tango music fills the room. We could watch these scenes all day!

Song Joong Ki gets revenge as Kang Ma Ru

Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won) is an heir to the Taesan fortune who appears tough on the outside, but has a pure heart and only wants to be loved. She falls in love instantly when she meets Ma Ru, before she knows his past and what kind of person he is; tragically, she tries to destroy both Ma Ru and herself after finding out his true nature.

Park Shi Yeon plays the villain, Jae Hee, who is revealed to be vulnerable and lonely behind her cold stare. Can't these three let go of their vengeful plans and become a happy family? It doesn't look like this is how the story ends, but you'll have to catch the finale, released today, to find out.