How Psy's Gangnam Style Took Over the World

K-pop star Psy’s juggernaut video ‘Gangnam Style’ recently became the most viewed video in the history of YouTube.  You're likely familiar with the viral sensation full of horse dancing, explosions and addictive beats. According to Google, "Gangnam Style" was the 2nd most searched term in 2012! This infographic reveals how the music video spread around the world since its release this summer. The infographic (full version at the bottom of this post) ranks the top 20 countries where the video has been viewed most often, and includes a month-by-month look at how viral viewership spread from S. Korea to North America to the rest of the world. 
The music video has been translated into 24 languages on Viki, helping it travel across geographic and language boundaries.

Check out the full infographic below for more info.

How Gangnam Style Took Over the World Infographic