Lunafly Hangs Out with Viki Fans

On December 12th, Viki hosted its first ever Google+ Hangout with talented new boy group, Lunafly, and fans from around the world. Check out the highlights of this fun event, including hair jokes, photo tricks, and live singing below!

We started broadcasting the chat live on the Viki YouTube channel at 8:00PM PST, with fans from the United Kingdom, Colombia, the United States, and Saudi Arabia joining from home. Lunafly was surprised to see that they had fans from so many different places; and the girls were more than happy to invite them to perform in their country.

After a round of introductions, the fans asked one question each to the members of Lunafly, including what advice they had for their fans, how they first became a group, and what has been their most meaningful experience since debut.

Sam Carter, being the group leader and a native English speaker, answered first and helped his fellow Lunafly members express their own answers. Yun shared a touching memory of seeing fans from other countries singing along to his songs for the first time. And Teo proved to be the most playful of the group, activating funny sound effects all throughout the hangout session.

After fulfilling a special birthday request for the friend of one of the fans (Nonochii on Viki), Lunafly agreed to sing a few songs from their album - and the harmony of their voices sounded great even over the hangout. But that wasn't the end of the fanservice and surprises: Lunafly signed CD's for each of the fans, taking special care to spell all the names correctly.

The boys of Lunafly proved not only to be talented entertainers, but warm-hearted and considerate individuals. We wish them the best and hope to catch up with them again soon. Thank you to the fans who participated (shinteo, LeiidyReyez, Lina Trejos, Nonochii, kakashiandme), to the Viki team in Korea who helped make the event possible and who interpreted Korean & English, and to Lunafly for taking the time to share an unforgettable conversation with all of us. One fan, Ellen (shinteo), expressed her thanks and gave her own recap of the hangout on her YouTube channel.

Teo of Lunafly waves to fans during the Hangout
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