Eugene Shines in A Hundred Year's Inheritance

A Hundred Year's Inheritance (백년의 유산) is the type of K-Drama that will make you laugh, cry, scream, and reach for the nearest bowl of noodle soup, all within the first half hour. With a deep, talented cast starring the beautiful Eugene (Creating Destiny) and twists at every moment, this show is already garnering attention on Viki and beyond.

So much happens in the first episode that you might forget you're watching a drama and not a movie. Misfortune after misfortune befalls poor Eugene's character, Chae Won, who is appalled but keeps her cool despite being constantly harassed by her husband and mother-in-law.

Mrs. Bong will stop at nothing to ruin Chae Won's life
The mother-in-law: I've seen a few truly evil ones in my K-Drama career, but this one takes the cake for being unrelentingly vicious on Day 1. Without provocation, she rejects her daughter-in-law at a family celebration, kicks her out of the house, and feigns innocence to frame her in every situation. And when Chae Won finally shows some backbone and decides to leave her crumbling marriage behind, Mrs. Bong makes sure she won't be a liability by throwing her into a mental hospital without her consent. This is a new low, and part of me is eager to see what else this greedy, manipulative woman has up her sleeve in future episodes.

A Hundred Year's Inheritance airs every Saturday and Sunday evening, and you can thank The Inheritance Team for providing amazing translations for the show. It is available to viewers in North and South America.