Jay Chou Fights Crime in "Panda Man"

Are you ready for some crime-fighting, martial arts action? Then don't miss the movie Panda Man Heroic Detective (熊貓人之神探李奧), a crime action thriller, directed by and featuring Chinese pop icon Jay Chou, together with a star-studded line-up.

In the year 2030, the brilliant detective Leo leads his team of police in pursuit of the evil gangsters who murdered his father. His childhood friend chooses to fight crime in a different way, wearing a panda mask and following the criminals to their hideout.

Jay Chou gets tough with criminals in "Panda Man"
There is never a shortage of Hong Kong-style martial arts and gun-fighting action. The suspense builds until the last scene, when we finally discover what the band of gangsters has prepared for their takeover of the City of Brightness. And for the ladies, the steaming hot cast includes not only Jay Chou, but also Nan Quan Mama members Yuhao & Devon, Wilber Pan, Jerry Yan, and Shawn Yue. Check out the movie, available to viewers worldwide except in select Asian countries.