See Baron Chen in These Taiwanese Dramas

If you’re a fan of Taiwanese actor & model Baron Chen, then you’re definitely going to enjoy what we have in store for you!

This increasingly popular actor takes on two completely different roles in the dramas “Because Of You” and “Fated To Love You”, one a confident and skilled young man, and the other a quiet man who silently guards his loved one from afar.

Taiwanese Drama 'Because of You'
Because Of You” is a comedic romantic drama that revolves around Sun Fan, played by Baron Chen. Sun Fan is a stunt double who dreams of making it big. When his girlfriend starts to get a little too close to the famous singer Fang Zi Hao after a music video gig, Sun Fan & Fang Zi Hao end up in a fight. 

Baron Chen in 'Because of You'
The singer’s fan gets this scuffle on video and spreads it amongst Fang Zi Hao’s fans in hopes of riling them up to attack Sun Fan. But this plan backfires when, netizens focus on Sun Fan’s impressive martial art skills, making him famous.

Watch the drama to find out what happens next!

Fated To Love You” is a typical Taiwanese drama that brings the audience through every emotion possible, from tear-inducing laughter to heartfelt sobbing. This romantic drama follows the life of Cun Xi and Xin Yi who mistakenly slept together aboard a cruise ship, and were forced to marry after they found out that she was pregnant.

Baron Chen plays the role of Dylan, a charismatic and gentle man who falls in love with Xin Yi when they worked together. Because of his humble and quiet nature, Xin Yi was a little attracted to him.

Who will Xin Yi choose? Watch this drama to find out what happens in the end!