Asian Action Movies

Viki Cinema will presents these great Asian action movies! 

"Once upon a Time" - Stars Park Yong Woo from current k-drama "My Love, Madame Butterfly." Set in 1940s Korea, Park Yong Woo plays a con artist who makes a living selling Korean artefacts to the Japanesse. He falls for a jazz singer played by Lee Bo-Young, a secret burglar responsible for several high profile thefts. Neither realize the both have the same goal - stealing a valuable diamond from the Japanese authorities stationed in Chosun.

Once Upon a Time
"Johnny Gaddaaris a 2007 Indian crime thriller noir film. Police officers recount a tale of five gang members that ran a gambling club and other illegal deals. Follow the story of missing money, lies, deceit, and deadly betrayal. Neil Mukesh plays the handsome bearded gang leader Vikram who plots a large drug heist. This title is is available to viewers worldwide, except in select countries.

Johnny Gaddaar

"Heaven's Soldier" has a little something for everyone from action to comedy, time travel, to historical war drama.  When North and South Korea plan to disarm a nuclear warhead, North Korean officers steal the warhead. A South Korean platoon is sent after them to retrieve the nuke, but they time travel back to 1572 through a time rift. Back in the Chosun Dynasty, the modern-day military officers come face-to-face with a legendary Korean admiral who is fighting foreign invaders. Can the officers find the missing warhead and return to the present?

"Heaven's Soldier"