More dramas from Taiwan available now!

Two more dramas from Taiwan are now available!

Scent of Love is a dramatic love story starring Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng and Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun. It's the story of two lovers who couldn't be together in their past lives and are destined to continue their love in their present life. The couple transcends life and death in order to find each other in their many reincarnations.

Taiwanese drama "Scent of Love"

Both Eddie Peng and Choo Ja Hyun challenged themselves by taking up dual roles. Eddie Peng plays Cheng Tian, a man who has always had the same dream since he was a child: a Japanese soldier is in love with a Korean woman, but their love was criticized. Since they couldn’t be together, he left for war and promised to find her in their next life. Choo Ja Hyun plays the role of a career-oriented woman in the present named Xiang Zi , and she played the role of the Korean woman in her past life.

Eddie Peng and Choo Ja Hyun in "Scent of Love"

Will their destinies change in the present?  Will their love be able to unite in the present? Watch the show to find out!

Local Hero is a mystery comedy drama, and definitely a must watch. It takes on a special storyline about a little town in Taiwan that has always been ordinary and peaceful. But then, a series of strange incidents start to occur, disrupting the daily lives of people there.

"Local Hero"
This drama features Chris Wu who has become popular with recent Taiwan local dramas and Tony Sun (member of Taiwanese boyband, 5566) who acted and hosted many popular Taiwanese shows.
Will the town residents uncover the truth behind the strange incidents or will they be exposed to a shocking local secret, watch the story unfold here!

These dramas are now available in the US and various parts of Asia.