Park Shi Hoo Denies Accusations of Rape

Thirty-five-year-old Korean actor Park Shi Hoo has been accused of raping an entertainment trainee after a night of drinking at a bar. The trainee, who filed a complaint with the police, claims that she met Park Shi Hoo through mutual acquaintances, became drunk, and then her memory blacked out before waking up in bed with the actor.

Park Shi Hoo's representatives have denied the allegations of rape, saying, in an official statement, that what happened on that night with the trainee was consensual. Park Shi Hoo urged the media to wait for the results of the official police investigation. The police say that they plan to summon Park for questioning.

In Park Shi Hoo's public statement, he says that he and the trainee drank together and later went together to her home. Then, Park says that she invited him to stay the night, and approached him in order to start a physical relationship. A witness from the bar says that it appears from CCTV footage that the trainee was not drunk enough to need help walking down the stairs to a car. 

Park Shi Hoo recently starred in the popular Korean Drama, Cheongdam-dong Alice.

Actor Park Shi Hoo denies allegations of assault