The Couples You Meet in K-Drama, Part 1

In the world of K-Drama, there are only so many ways to fall in love. And even though we can easily predict the plot of most love stories from Episode 1, we can't resist seeing that first spark, the first realization that someone is about to fall hard. In honor of the quickly-approaching Valentine's Day, here are some of the most common pairings:

The First Loves (첫사랑)

In the beginning, nearly all K-Dramas built up the main romance over the course of many years, taking us from childhood to adulthood. What better way to tug at some heartstrings than by playing flashbacks of pure innocence and joy? But there wouldn't be any "drama" if fate hadn't separated the couple in the cruelest of ways. Watch I Miss You to see just how cruel fate can be -- and get your tissues ready (available worldwide except for the Americas). Love Rain, starring Jang Geun Suk and Im YoonA, is another romantic tearjerker, moving back and forth between the couple's courtship in school and the chance meeting of their children later on. Reply 1997 takes a light-hearted approach, taking you along on the ride as one boy pursues his high school crush. Love Rain and Reply 1997 are available in the Americas.

The Office Couple

These characters are just trying to get their work done, but "someone" keeps getting in the way. Somehow, they keep bumping into each other, and getting put on the same projects (which often involve staying up late together and getting stuck out in the woods). Take King of Dramas, where the unlikely couple of an arrogant, eccentric producer and pure-hearted writer grow to love each other through the production of the writer's first drama. In Pasta, as well as Panda & Hedgehog, we learn that preparing food can bring people to understand each other in the cutest of ways. Pasta is available in North America, Africa, and the Middle East; Panda & Hedgehog worldwide except for select countries. The King 2 Hearts, available in the Americas, Indonesia, and Malaysia, may be the toughest "office couple" of all - a North Korean military officer and South Korean prince!

Donghae is a prickly porcupine in the bakery with Pan Da
Which of these couples do you enjoy watching the most? Watch out for Part 2 this Thursday, when the pairings get a little more wild!