UPDATE: Park Shi Hoo Denies Accusations of Rape

We previously reported that Korean actor and star of popular Korean Drama, Cheongdam-dong Alice, has been accused of raping a 22-year-old entertainment trainee following a night out drinking. The trainee told police she meet Park Shi Hoo through a mutual acquaintances and that she blacked out before waking up in bed with the actor.

Park Shi Hoo's representatives have denied all allegations of sexual misconduct and released an official statement stating the encounter with the trainee was consensual. You can read a translation of Park Shi Hoo's official statement here.

Park Shi Hoo Denies Accusations of Rape

New reports indicate Seoul police have reviewed the surveillance footage of Park Shi Hoo’s home and discovered that the trainee was carried inside the home by a rookie celebrity, referred to as K. The rookie had been out drinking with Park Si Hoo and the trainee earlier in the evening. Police revealed that K drove Park Shi Hoo and the trainee home in his own car. 

The owner of the pub in Cheongdamdong where the three drank, expressed shock at the allegations against Park Si Hoo, saying the trainee didn't seem drunk and was able to walk down the stairs on her own. CCTV footage from the pub also revealed that K carried the trainee on his back while Park Shi Hoo walked on his own. 

Park Shi Hoo is scheduled to officially go in for police questioning regarding this case on February 24. 

We'll keep you updated as this story develops.