Who Would Be a Good Match for Wonder Girl's Ye Eun?

Ye Eun of Wonder Girls recently appeared on  SBS’s “Challenge 1000 Songs,” where she discussed her desire to find love and marry following the wedding of her best-friend and fellow Wonder Girls member Sun Ye. Ye Eun said, “Seeing my best friend get married made me want to get married soon.” Sun Ye married her boyfriend of three years this January. 

Here are some possible good matches for Ye Eun:

2AM's Changmin - They both starred together in the musical, Three Musketeers,  and are friends from being on the JYP label. In the musical they play lovers who fall for each other at first glance.

Ye Eun)and 2AM's Changmin 
2PM's Chansung - JYP labelmates, Ye-Eun chose Chansun as her ideal type. Chansung is currently acting in the K-Drama 7th Grade Civil Servant. Chansung even said in an interview that if 2PM were to welcome a new female member from a Korean Girl Group it would be Ye Eun. The two also love food and have both confessed to eating a lot. 

2PM's Chansung

CN Blue's Lee Jong Hyun - Both are talented singers and songwriters, who are normally reserved but known to have a fun side. If they were together we're sure they'd sing together and make beautiful music. Lee Jong Hyun also is a talented actor who was in A Gentleman's Dignity.

CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun sings

Singer Khalil Fong. Khalil is an extremely talented singer, with a cute nerdy side. His sensitive music is sure to make any girl swoon. 

Khalil Fong is an Hong Kong singer
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