Are you ready for White Day?

White Day is a cute tradition in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China, where it's celebrated a month after Valentine’s Day, on March 14th. 

In Japan and South Korea it's tradition that women give chocolates to the men in their lives on Valentine's Day. In Japan, there are two types of chocolate gifts that women can give: giri choco (“obligation” chocolate) given to male co-workers, friends, or family members, and honmei choco (“true feeling” chocolate) given to one’s romantic, or potential, partner. On White Day, men reciprocate by giving candy, marshmallows or other gifts to the women who gave them chocolate on Valentine’s Day.
Other typical gifts given on White Day include stuffed animals, flowers, jewelry, and “white” gifts such as marshmallows, white chocolate, or white lingerie. In accordance to the Japanese rule of sanbai gaeshi (“triple the return”), the gift given by men should be triple the value of the original Valentine's Day gift!

In Korean dramas, one very memorable White Day scene comes from “Iris.” While out on a date at a restaurant in Japan, Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee) is disappointed to find out that Hyun Joon (Lee Byung Hun) doesn’t have a gift for her. Hyun Joon responds by running out of the restaurant, and when he returns, he surprises her by sharing the candy that is in his mouth with her through a kiss! Watch the scene here!

White Day follows Valentines Day