Can You Believe These Stars Are the Same Age?

Good genes, pricey beauty products, and lifestyle choices all factor into how young we look. But what keeps most celebrities looking so great? Is it the dedicated skincare regimen, featuring products like volcanic ash face scrub (burns off blackheads) and snail-essence moisturizer (slows down wrinkles)? Or is it a superior set of family genes (example: siblings Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan)? We also can't forget the role of a certain kind of "doctor's visit" in keeping our favorite stars looking fresh.

To get some perspective on this question, we've compared celebrities born in the same year.

Moon Embracing the Sun actress Han Ga In is the same age as pregnant Duchess Kate Middleton

Han Ga In and Duchess Kate Middleton are both 31 years old

Reply 1997 's Eun Ji Won and  Princess Stand In's James Wen both starred in hit dramas, and were also born in the same year.
Reply 1997's Eun Ji Won and Princess Stand In's James Wen were born in 1978

See the first episode of new Taiwanese drama Princess Stand In below and judge for yourself how good James Wen looks at 35.

It's nearly impossible to believe that American pop culture icons, Lindsay Lohan and Carly Rae Jepsen are born in the same year! 
Lindsay Lohan and Carly Rae Jepsen are both 26 years old
 Are you surprised by the ages of these stars? Which celebrity do you think has the most youthful look?