Live Chat with SG Wannabe's Kim Jinho

Ballad singer Kim Jin Ho has been topping the Korean music charts since the release of his first solo album, "Today." You may recognize his smooth, soulful voice from his performances with famous singing group, SG Wannabe. Next week, Kim Jin Ho will arrive in the United States to perform at the Music Matters Asia showcase, but before his concert, we'll get the chance to meet him for an exclusive Google+ Hangout interview on March 6th- and YOU could be a part of it!

Kim Jin Ho in the studio preparing his first album

You can watch our live the Hangout with Kim Jin Ho on our Viki Official YouTube channel at 7:00PM PST on Wednesday, March 6th.

If you're a fan who would like to join the Hangout and meet this talented singer (you might even get your own lovely serenade!) just visit our Facebook page and submit a question that you would like to ask in the interview by 4:00PM PST on Monday, March 4th. If your question is selected, you will be invited to join the Hangout. You must include your Viki user ID in your question to be eligible. Our last Hangout with K-Pop boy group, Lunafly, was an amazing experience for the bandmates and the fans, who participated from countries like Colombia and Saudi Arabia.

Follow the Kim Jin Ho official channel here, and enjoy his heartfelt new single, Family Portrait, below: