NEW: Viki Video Player 2.0 Makes Watching Videos More Fun

Hey, everyone. This is Nerses, the lead engineer on the video player project. Over the last several months, we've been working hard on updates to our video technology so that you can start watching videos faster, find and do things you want directly from the player itself, get bugs fixed quickly and much more.

Viki Video Player 2.0 has rolled out to a small percentage of viewers already, but if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what you can expect:
  • Faster load times (start watching ASAP!)
  • New design, including “next video” button (easily move forward to the next episode)
  • More social features (share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ directly from the video)
  • Better cool engineering stuff that allows us to make updates and identify issues faster

Key visual changes:
  1. Timed Comments will appear on the left side, along with the commenter’s profile image; this will make it easier to distinguish one comment from another and show the conversations happening on any given scene. To turn Timed Comments on or off, click on "Timed Comments" above the comments.
  2. Changing the subtitle language will be easier through a drop down on the top right. Move your cursor over the two character symbols to change it.
  3. Sharing the video with friends will be easier directly from the video. Move your cursor over the “network” symbol to share via Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as find an embed link.
  4. This is where you can view the next episode in the series. Move your cursor over the "next" arrow and you’ll see a small preview icon.

Even more updates to come, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we hope you love the new player as much as we do. Let us know what you think - send us a note through the Help Center or leave a comment here!