Taiwanese Drama, Princess Stand In, Now Available!

We have some exciting news for Taiwanese drama fans. Princess Stand In, a drama from Sanlih E-Television, one of the top television stations in Taiwan, is now available on Viki. And more are on the way!

Princess Stand In (aka King Flower / Substitute Princess) Now On-Air!

All her life Jin Da Hua (Nikki Hsieh) has not been pretty girl. But when her gambling father chalks up a huge debt of NT$2 million, she's given the chance to get the money and save her family. She meets Ou Yang Tai (Chris Wu) who recently lost his fiancé, and who sees a resemblance between Da Hua and his beloved. He offers to pay for her plastic surgery to make Da Hua look like his dead fiancé, if she helps him further his career by entering into a contract marriage with him.

Kris Wu and Nikki Hsieh in Princess Stand In

The first 11 episodes are available now, and the first episode is already available with English subtitles, thanks to our fantastic volunteer team! Watch episode 1 below, and follow the channel for updates. New episodes will be available every Monday.

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coming soon, so stay tuned!

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