COMING SOON: 3 Filipino Dramas

We are happy to announce that three popular Filipino dramas (also known as teleseyre) are coming to Viki!

Only You (2005). Long-lost sisters who were separated at childhood find the same road to love in adulthood. Nea and Jasmine were separated when their father, Larry, abandoned their mother, Elena, to live with the wealthy Yolanda. Nea was left behind with their mother while Jasmine went to live with their father and new stepmother. Nea grew up with nothing but always knew that she would become successful so that she give her mother the comforts she so richly deserves. Jasmine was well provided for and grew up with a strong moral character, despite enduring cruel mistreatment from Yolanda. Many years later, the sisters cross paths, and they are determined to rebuild their bond as a family and support each other as they pursue their individual dreams. They also each fall in love with an Ynares brother. Shy Jasmine falls for the carefree Oliver, while independent Nea is drawn to the darker Ivan. Can the two sets of siblings find happiness together or will family secrets tear them apart? This title is coming soon to viewers worldwide. Follow the Only You channel for updates!

Stand for Love (also known as Gulang ng Palad) is the 2006 Filipino soap opera starring Kristine Hermosa and TJ Trinidad. Childhood friends Carding and Luisa are from two different social classes. After they are separated and reunited ten years later, their childhood friendship turns into love, but their relationship faces many challenges including interference from Carding’s mother and Mimi, the daughter-in-law she would prefer. With all the betrayal and misunderstandings that follow, will Carding and Luisa’s relationship survive? This title will be available to viewers worldwide.

Stolen Moments (also known as Hiram) is the 2005 Filipino drama which tells the story of friendship and rivalry between a melancholy and self-sacrificing woman, Diana, who agreed to raise her friend's daughter Margaret before she passed away, and an ambitious and hateful woman, Sofia, who is enslaved by her past. Their rivalry continues in the next generation as best friends Margaret and Stephanie, Sophia's daughter, let a man come between them. This title will be available to viewers worldwide.

Which of these shows are you most excited to watch?