The Stages Of Getting Addicted To A Drama

You laugh, you cry, you lose sleep. Starting a new show on Viki can be a wild ride!

1.  Your Friend Tells You To Watch a Show

2. You Watch The First Episode 

3. And Then 5 More

4. You're At Work and All You Think About is Your Show

5. You Get Emotionally Sucked Into The Characters

6. You Fight With Anyone Who Questions Your Show

7. Your OTP Kisses

8. When A New Character Enters That You Hate

9. You Have Not Left Your Room In Days

10.  When It Ends

11. Time to Start a New Show!

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K-Drama Love Squares: A Guest Post From KDrama Fighting!

This is a guest post from Vivi & Coco of KDrama Fighting!

K-Drama Love Squares: Keep ’Em or Cut ’Em?

Anyone who has watched more than one K-drama on Viki has probably figured out that the heart of every series is the “love square.” You would think that we would get tired of them after the amount     weve seen, but they still get us every time  clichés and all. Let’s take a look at what we would keep or cut from the typical K-drama love square.

Female Lead

K-Drama Female Leads

First up: K-drama female leads  love them or leave them? She’s the girl whose antics get her into all sorts of awkward situations. With two attractive rich men fighting over her, she’s also the luckiest girl in the world! Female leads are typically hardworking poor girls in desperate need of a makeover. They break down into either sassy girls who don’t let anyone mess with them, or girls who are downtrodden and overly accepting of nonsense.

One of the things that attracted us the most to K-dramas were the spunky, confident female characters, such as Sam Soon from My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. This type of female lead is an obvious keeper. But the dramas in which the female lead follows the male lead around like a puppy (Playful Kiss) are ones we might cut.

In their defense, downtrodden female leads are not all bad. Its really satisfying to see someone go from frumpy and passive to beautiful and empowered, but only if the progress is extreme. For example, in Scent of a Woman, the female lead starts out painfully wimpy and homely, but by the third episode, BAM, she’s a total powerhouse. In spite of problems, we would keep her because deep down, most of us still feel like that awkward girl who hopes to become powerful and miraculously snatch the man of her dreams.

Male Lead

Male leads  at least theyre consistent. Ninety percent of the time, they are abnormally attractive, abnormally wealthy, and abnormally selfish and rude. However, by the end of the drama, theyll end up with girls who are less attractive than they are, care less about their money, and become decent human beings with deep feelings. Although these male characters are in almost every single K-drama, we love them anyway. (Not to mention the brooding shower scenes!)

These male leads do come with their share of problems, though. Sometimes their version of a “decent human being” isn’t decent enough. Even though we don’t want to cross Boys Over Flowers fans, you can’t tell us that were the only ones who found Jun Pyo’s intensity just a little bit unsettling. Especially when he said things like, “I will encircle you forever so that you can never leave me. There has to be some minimum standard for change.  For example, don’t beat someones faces to a pulp. Totally reasonable, right? 

Although they are ridiculous, overall we can’t help but say KEEP the traditional male lead trope.

K-Drama Male Leads
Second Male Lead

Second male leads are easy to spot. They’re the handsome ones lurking (or stalking) in the background, doing thoughtful things for the female lead while she makes ugly crying faces over the rude man she loves. They’re the type of guys your dad wants you to marry.  

The Poor Second Male K-Drama Lead
Second male leads occasionally end up with a terrible girl, but most of the time, they just end up brooding and sad. And for all of this brooding, they don’t even get shower scenes. Don’t they have to shower, too? Or maybe they dont shower, and that’s why they lose the girl.

It’s this sadness that makes us dislike second male leads. And here’s why: we love them too much. We suffer from second lead syndrome on a regular basis (Flower Boy Next Door being the most recent example). So when the second male lead implies he will never love again, we get a little cranky. If you need to create jealousy in a drama, introduce an old love for a couple of episodes and then send the person on a business trip or have the person get hit by a car. Its something that happens all of the time in dramas! Just cut these nice guys and give them a break.

Second Female Lead

The girl we all love to hate: the second female lead. Or, as it often happens, the first love who is often a raging monster in disguise.

The Second Female Lead
What we would keep is the flexibility of the second female lead. Although most are monsters, some are kind, sisterly types who respond maturely to their jealousy. For example, Coco loves the second female lead in Coffee Prince.” If she could, she would be best friends with her in real life. They would hang out at art galleries and eat brunch (because she’s too classy for lunch).

In reality, we have to recognize that sometimes second female leads literally kill people. In fact, we would rather have her be a horrible person and a murderer, rather than be tricked into liking some previously terrible person. But let’s face it: we fast forward through 90 percent of second female lead scenes anyway, so keeping them isn’t a big deal.

To sum up, we have pretty conflicted feelings about all of these characters. But conflict is at the core of K-dramas, which is why we adore them so much!

Coco and Vivi of KDrama Fighting!

How much do Korean stars make?

Korean idols work incredibly hard for many years to bring us our favorite songs and K-Dramas. They often also appear in TV commercials, endorse products and, of course, perform in concerts. So how much do stars earn from all this?

Miss A's Suzy reportedly earns around US $540,000 per modeling (print advertising) deal. Although there are others who might make more than this per deal, Susy has made more than US $8.9 million in only 14 months, due to the large number of contracts that she has. YoonA, Jeon Ji Hyun and Song Hye Gyo reportedly make similar amounts per modeling deal.

Suzy is able to command such a large paycheck because of her image and activities - she is both an idol and an actress with lead roles in top dramas such as Gu Family Book and Big. Suzy is currently the face of beauty brand The Face Shop, Reebok, Domino's Pizza and Tagatose amongst others.

Miss A's Suzy makes a reported US$540,000 per modeling deal

Gangnam Style became the first video in YouTube history to hit 1 billion video views. This was great news for artist PSY, who reportedly made around US$10 million in 2012, most of which came from YouTube and TV commercial deals.

Girl group Girls' Generation reportedly made around US$43 million in 2012, while boy band Big Bang earned around US$70 million.

See Girls' Generation film a commercial in Japan below,  in the ad members transform into adorable miniatures. 
Some stars are also songwriters and earn royalties on the songs that they write. It was reported that, in 2012, Big Bang's G-Dragon made around US$846,000 in royalties while Kangta earns at least US$420,000 in royalties, each year.

Colombian Telenovelas Come to Viki!

Telenovelas from Caracol, Colombia's biggest television network, are now on Viki! These intense crime dramas, from the biographical Pablo Escobar to the CSI-like Infiltrated, to a classic tale of love and revenge in Made in Cartagena, to a horrifying story of sex trafficking in Broken Promises, are sure keep you at the edge of your seat. Check out these trailers and synopses for a glimpse of the excitement! Please note that this trailer may include language and images not appropriate for all ages.

This title is also available on the Viki Telenovelas YouTube Channel

His name alone elicits a combination of terror and awe. Pablo Escobar is one of the most infamous figures in drug-trafficking history, and this narco-novela, based on facts and interviews with those who knew him best, tells the life story of the legendary Colombian drug lord. Pablo Escobar, The Druglord is one of the most ambitious productions ever made in Colombia and just finished a successful run in December 2012.

This title is also available on the Viki Telenovelas YouTube Channel

A spike in the number of criminal cases led to the formation of the G.I.C. These elite group of police officers investigate the toughest cases, in an attempt to track down the most dangerous criminals in Colombia.


A new drama not yet on-air in Colombia. It depicts the story of Harvey Noriega, seeking revenge for his son, who was killed during a bank robbery. His goddaughter, Flora was tricked into entering Vicente's life, who Harvey thought was the murderer. The drama unfolds when Flora and Vincente fall in love.

'Made in Cartagena'

We have even more Caracol shows coming your way. Make sure to favorite The White Line, Without Breasts, There's No Paradise, and The Witch to receive messages when videos become available. And if you'd like to get involved with any of these shows, please contact the Channel Managers!

These Caracol Telenovelas are available to viewers in Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, New Zealand, and to QCs worldwide.

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In conjunction with CJ Entertainment, we’re giving away ‘Fists of Legend’ movie tickets to Viki viewers in five different cities in the United States! The giveaway will run from Tuesday, April 16th until the movie goes out of theaters. If you're a fan living near any of the following five locations, read more for instructions on how to enter!

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Yoon Je Moon in 'Fists of Legend'

‘Fists of Legend’ is a Korean action drama film directed by Kang Woo Suk and starring Yoon Je Moon, Hwang Jung Min, and Yoo Joon Sang. The film is currently playing in theaters in Korea and the United States.

A group of middle-aged men who used to be called "legends" during their teenage high school days will now face each other in the ultimate "live action fighting" reality show, Fist of Legend, for the chance to win a prize of 20 million every round.


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@Viki Best scene in #TheKing2Hearts is When Jae Ha met Hang Ah for the first time after her miscarriage

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Which Celebrities will Become Mothers this year?

It's a celebrity baby boom! These A-list stars are all set to become parents this year. Congratulations to all the glamorous moms to be! 

Han Chae Young

Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek star Han Chae Young is going to be a mom! The actress is expecting her first child with her husband of 6 years, Korean-American financial expert Choi Dong-joon. Her representative said that despite being pregnant, the actress will continue to perform her duties for as long as possible. 

Han Chae Young is expecting her first baby

Kate Middleton

There is perhaps no baby-bump watched more than that of Kate Middleton. The Duchess is expecting her first child with husband, Prince William. The royal heir will become the 3rd in line to the throne.

Kate Middleton's royal baby bump
The Duchess of Cambridge recently admitted that she watches the reality TV show of another pregnant celebrity, Kim Kardashian. The British media report that Kate decided to check out the show 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' after hearing that Kim Kardashian was a fan of hers. Kate's husband, Prince William, however, is not a fan.

Kim Kardashian

Kayne West announced that his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, was pregnant, live on stage late last year. The reality TV star of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' like Duchess Kate, is due in July.

Kim Kardashian's high fashion maternity wear
Wonder Girls Sunye 

Sunye, of the K-Pop group Wonder Girls, has only been married since January, but announced earlier this month that she and husband had been gifted with a honeymoon baby and is 3 months alongShe is the first member of the current group of girl groups to get married and have a baby. 

Wonder Girls Sunye is going to be a mom

Top 10 K-Drama Steamy Shower Scenes

K-drama fans know that no drama is complete without at least one steamy shower scene. These scenes show the male lead (and their chocolate abs) brooding over their troubles while standing in a steaming shower with water pouring down their slick bodies. For some reason, most guys like to do their deep thinking while standing in a shower. Nothing goes together better than abs and angst. 

Who cares if they are cliché? These scenes will have you wanting to watch, rinse, repeat. 

The Drama Shower Scene 
 1. Song Seung Heon in My Princess (2011)

In My Princess, Song Seung Heon showed off his six-pack in a shower scene during the second episode of the show. Yet another reason to watch this drama. 

Song Seung Heon in 'My Princess'

2. Lee Min Ho in City Hunter (2011)

The scars on Lee Min Hos back in this scene are from his characters assassin training.

Lee Min Ho in 'City Hunter'

3. Lee Dong Wook in Scent of a Woman (2011)

Actor Lee Dong Wook showed off his six-pack during the 4th episode. Rumor has it that staff members on set were unable to hide their amazement at his muscles when he took off his shirt during filming. 

Lee Dong Wook in 'Scent of a Woman'
4. Jang Geun Suk in You’re Beautiful (2009)

Jang Geun Suk’s shower scene showed off his slim, sleek physique. 

Jang Geun Suk in 'You're Beautiful'
5. Lee Seung Gi in King 2 Hearts (2012)

So this is a bubble bath, and not a shower, but look at that face! How can it not make the list?

Lee Seung Gi in 'King 2 Hearts'

6. Ji Hyun Woo in A Thousand Kisses 

Ji Hyun Woo cries while taking a shower because Seo Young Hees character keeps rejecting him. 

Ji Hyun Woo in 'A Thousand Kisses'

7. Han Jeong Su and 
Jang Hyuk in Slave Hunters / Chuno (2010)

This historical K-drama doesnt feature a modern-day shower scene, but were not complaining. 

Han Jeong Su and Jang Hyuk in 'Slave Hunters / Chunu'
8. Hyun Bin in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (2005)

Hyun Bin was so adorable as the younger love interest of the spunky Kim Sam Soon.

Hyung Bin in 'My Name Is Kim Sam Soon'

9. Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince (2007)

This scene takes place right before Yoon Eun Hyes character stumbles into the room and embarassingly tries to look away from Gong Yoos unclothed body during their first meeting. 

Gong Yoo in 'Coffee Prince'
10. Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Lee Min Hos character Goo Joon Pyo agonizes about how hard it is to be the richest man in the country.

Lee Min Ho in 'Boys Over Flowers'
This is just our highly subjective list of our favorite shower scenes featuring the irresistible abs of K-dramas leading men. Have we missed your favorite? Let us know!

Which K-drama Stars Are Swapping Co-Stars?

What do Song Seung Heon, Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung have in common?

These actors have worked together before and have switched co-stars for two new dramas, When a Man Loves, and Jang Ok Jeong, Lives in Love.

Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee played rivals-in-love on My Princess (2011), and Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung played a couple of aspiring designers in Fashion King (2012). In an interesting turn of events, these pairs have swapped co-stars and now appear in two concurrently airing dramas.

Kim Tae Hee plays Jang Ok Jeong, one of the most well-known concubines of the Chosun Dynasty, alongside Yoo Ah In as King Suk Jong in “Jang Ok Jeong, Lives in Love,” now on Viki! Song Seung Heon plays a self-made gangster-turned-businessman who falls in love with a troubled but highly driven young woman played by Shin Se Kyung in “When a Man Loves.”

You can hear more about Song Seung Heon and Shin Se Kyungs partnership in this news video:

When a Man Loves,” which began airing on April 3, is available to viewers in the Americas, Indonesia and Malaysia. If youd like to join the Fighting Man in Love Team, please PM the Channel Manager, bkiss.

Jang Ok Jeong, Lives in Love” is available to viewers in the Americas. The first episode aired on April 8, and the Channel team is still growing and could use your help. If you’re interested in joining the team, please PM one of the Channel Managers, sweetlola or bluedelacour.