Colombian Telenovelas Come to Viki!

Telenovelas from Caracol, Colombia's biggest television network, are now on Viki! These intense crime dramas, from the biographical Pablo Escobar to the CSI-like Infiltrated, to a classic tale of love and revenge in Made in Cartagena, to a horrifying story of sex trafficking in Broken Promises, are sure keep you at the edge of your seat. Check out these trailers and synopses for a glimpse of the excitement! Please note that this trailer may include language and images not appropriate for all ages.

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His name alone elicits a combination of terror and awe. Pablo Escobar is one of the most infamous figures in drug-trafficking history, and this narco-novela, based on facts and interviews with those who knew him best, tells the life story of the legendary Colombian drug lord. Pablo Escobar, The Druglord is one of the most ambitious productions ever made in Colombia and just finished a successful run in December 2012.

This title is also available on the Viki Telenovelas YouTube Channel

A spike in the number of criminal cases led to the formation of the G.I.C. These elite group of police officers investigate the toughest cases, in an attempt to track down the most dangerous criminals in Colombia.


A new drama not yet on-air in Colombia. It depicts the story of Harvey Noriega, seeking revenge for his son, who was killed during a bank robbery. His goddaughter, Flora was tricked into entering Vicente's life, who Harvey thought was the murderer. The drama unfolds when Flora and Vincente fall in love.

'Made in Cartagena'

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These Caracol Telenovelas are available to viewers in Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, New Zealand, and to QCs worldwide.