How much do Korean stars make?

Korean idols work incredibly hard for many years to bring us our favorite songs and K-Dramas. They often also appear in TV commercials, endorse products and, of course, perform in concerts. So how much do stars earn from all this?

Miss A's Suzy reportedly earns around US $540,000 per modeling (print advertising) deal. Although there are others who might make more than this per deal, Susy has made more than US $8.9 million in only 14 months, due to the large number of contracts that she has. YoonA, Jeon Ji Hyun and Song Hye Gyo reportedly make similar amounts per modeling deal.

Suzy is able to command such a large paycheck because of her image and activities - she is both an idol and an actress with lead roles in top dramas such as Gu Family Book and Big. Suzy is currently the face of beauty brand The Face Shop, Reebok, Domino's Pizza and Tagatose amongst others.

Miss A's Suzy makes a reported US$540,000 per modeling deal

Gangnam Style became the first video in YouTube history to hit 1 billion video views. This was great news for artist PSY, who reportedly made around US$10 million in 2012, most of which came from YouTube and TV commercial deals.

Girl group Girls' Generation reportedly made around US$43 million in 2012, while boy band Big Bang earned around US$70 million.

See Girls' Generation film a commercial in Japan below,  in the ad members transform into adorable miniatures. 
Some stars are also songwriters and earn royalties on the songs that they write. It was reported that, in 2012, Big Bang's G-Dragon made around US$846,000 in royalties while Kangta earns at least US$420,000 in royalties, each year.