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Our community members are as international as the videos on Viki, so its no surprise that a frequent request is to see displayed in a different language. We completely agree and are happy to announce that you can now view in Spanish!

To change your Web site language preferences, scroll to the bottom of any page where youll see a menu that will allow you to set your language into English or Spanish. You can switch between languages as often as you like!

Well be adding more languages to this selection soon, so stay tuned!

Community Member Contributions Are Back!

You can now see the channels that you and other community members manage, moderate or segment on profile pages. You'll also be able to see the details of the 500 most recent subtitles you've written!

To see a community member's volunteer projects, go to their profile page and then to the "Volunteer Projects" tab. Here you'll see all the channels that they're volunteering on. And to see the details of their 500 most recent subtitles, click on "Recent Subtitles."

On this page, you'll able to see the subtitle written, the video it was written on, and when it was written. And if you click on the video name, you'll navigate to that video and can see the subtitle in action!

Don't have anything listed in your Volunteer Projects tab yet? Learn how to subtitle on Viki!

EXO Releases ‘Wolf’ Music Video in Korean and Mandarin

It’s the moment that EXO fans have been waiting for! The 12-member boy band has just released the music video for “Wolf,” the title track of its first full album, XOXO (Kiss & Hug), in both a Korean version and a Mandarin version. The music video features an exciting plot and stunning visuals. Check it out for yourself!

Korean Version

Chinese Version

EXO will be having its first comeback stage on May 30th on the South Korean music show 
M! Countdown. 
The new album, “XOXO (Kiss & Hug),” will become available on online music sites on June 3rd worldwide.

Since its debut in 2012, EXO has won numerous New Artist awards in both Korea and China and has been lauded for the members’ high-energy hip-hop dance and vocal skills.

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Going Beyond Psy: Essential K-Pop Tracks

Are you one of the millions of people who have never heard of Korean Pop before the release of PsyGangnam Style? Are you still trying to get the viral music video out of your head almost a year later? We at Viki can help you move beyond Psy with an introduction to some other great K-pop songs.

Most K-pop falls into five main categories. Try them out below and tell us your favorites in the comments!

Dance Tracks: K-pop stars love to dance. If you remember the horse dance from Gangnam Style, see if you can spot the signature dance moves in these hot videos.

Super Junior — “Sexy Free and Single”

Teen Top — “Crazy”

Catchy Girl Pop: Did I mention that K-pop stars love to dance? These ladies will get you moving with their cute lyrics and dance steps.

T-ara — “Roly Poly”

IU — “Good Day”

Heartbreaking Love Ballads: No one can pour her heart and soul into a sad love song like K-pop ballad queen, Baek Ji Young. Warning: have your tissues ready for these tear-jerker serenades.

Baek Ji Young — “Like Being Hit By a Bullet”

Naul — “Memory of the Wind”

Beastly Idol Hits: K-pop isnt all flowers and rainbows! Put on these songs when you want to get pumped up.

B.A.P — “Warrior”

Brown Eyed Girls — “Abracadabra”

Easy-Listening Indie: These smooth, melodic songs go perfectly with a warm cup of tea on a cloudy day.

Leessang — “Turn Off the TV”

Lunafly — “How Nice Would It Be”

We hope you enjoyed our introduction to K-pop! Head over to the Viki K-pop section to browse our entire library of fantastic, addicting music videos!

Star Siblings: Did You Know These Famous Stars Are Related?

Did you know these famous celebrities also have famous siblings? Some may have been obvious, but we bet there are some surprises in this list that you didnt know about! There are some good genes in these families! 

Park Yoo Chun and Park Yu Hwan

Park Yoo Chun (Yoochun) has a younger brother, Park Yu Hwan who is also an actor most recently appearing in I Need Romance 3. Park Yu Hwan was nominated as a Best New TV Actor at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards for his role in A Thousand Days Promise

The Park brothers
You can see Yoochun play a tough Presidential bodyguard in his current show Three Days

The Jung Sisters (Jessica & Krystal)

f(x)Krystal and her older sister, Girls Generations Jessica, share good looks and major K-pop power. 

Jessica and Krystal 
While theyre both talented and beautiful, theyre not great athletes. Watch them both attempt to throw the opening pitch in the video below:


Kim Tae Hee and Lee Wan

K-drama actress Kim Tae Hees younger brother, Lee Wan, also is a well-known actor. Watch his noona (older sister) in Jang Ok Jeong, Lives in Love. These siblings have even acted in the same drama, "Stairway to Heaven" 11 years ago! Wed love to see them in the same drama one more time!

Kim Tae Hee and little brother, Lee Wan

The Kardashians 

What list of famous siblings would be complete without the Kardashian/Jenner family? All their names start with the letter K and theyve built a media empire from their reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians that includes clothes, perfume and more. 

The Kardashian women

Sandara Park of 2NE1 and Thunder of MBLAQ

2NE1s Sandara Park and her adorable brother Thunder from MBLAQ look exactly alike. Sandara was spotted last year cheering on her brother and his bandmates from the audience of one of their performances. 

Sandara Park of 2NE1 and Thunder of MBLAQ

K-Dramas in the Real World: Texts to a Bestie Part 2

This is a guest blog post from Coco and Vivi of Kdrama Fighting!

While watching K-dramas on Viki, we sometimes wonder how we would react to the female leads if they were our best friends in real life.  Can you just picture the text conversations we would have?  In Part 1 of Texts to a Bestie, we imagined texting Jan Di, Eun Chan, Gong Ah Jung and Park Ha. Here are more imaginary texts with some of our favorite K-drama heroines: 

2. You’re Beautiful (2009)

3. Full House (2004)

5. Personal Taste (2010)

Which other Kdrama heroines would you like to text?

— Coco and Vivi of Kdrama Fighting!