Get ready for the Timed Comments Contest!

We love Timed Comments as much as our community does, and to celebrate the release of new timed comments we want you to show us your favorites for a chance to win a signed 2NE1 CD!
Timed Comments Are Back!
There are two ways to enter the Timed Comments Contest:

Submit your screenshot via this app on our Facebook page. Take a screenshot of the funniest, most clever, witty Timed Comment you can find on Viki and submit it through the app on our Facebook page. The screenshot, above, of Song Seung Hun in "When a Man Loves" is a good example.
Prize #1: The Timed Comment with the most votes from our Facebook fans will win a Viki prize bag including a signed 2NE1 "2nd Mini-Album"! Please note that the winner will be the person who submits the comment, so start watching your favorite shows to find the best comment!


Share your own Timed Comment, using the new Tweet feature in the video player. How to do this:
  1. While you're watching a video, type your comment into the Timed Comment box, and click 'Add' to post it on the video.
  2. Immediately after clicking 'Add', you'll see the message "Your comment has been added to this video!" and the option to share your comment via Twitter (see screenshot below). Click the Twitter icon to Tweet your Timed Comment! That's it!
Prize #2: The best timed comment on Twitter will receive a Viki t-shirt

If you haven't visited them already, check out LOL Viki Tumblr. They have a hilarious collection of funny Viki Timed Comments. We hope you love Timed Comments as much as we do!