Our 10 Favorite K-Drama Kiss Scenes!

For many fans, there is nothing more exciting, magical, and satisfying than a Korean Drama kiss scene. Heavy with tension and bottled-up feelings, kiss scenes are extremely rare. In fact, there may be only one in an entire series! A kiss tends to follow a heated argument, a tearful confession, a shocking revelation, or all of the above; because nothing says "I love you" like a slap in the face.

The K-Drama Kiss
We've picked out some of the hottest, most romantic moments in K-Drama history. Here are our favorite 10 K-Drama Kiss Scenes!

10. Secret Garden "Foam Kiss"

Joo Won couldn't resist Gil Raim's foamy lips
9. Brain "Bubblegum Kiss"

8. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop "Motorcycle Kiss"

7. Queen Inhyun's Man "Tiptoe Kiss"

6. Personal Taste "Game Over Kiss"

5. The Greatest Love "Car Kiss"

4. Rooftop Prince "Tear Kiss"

3. My Girl "Forehead Kiss"

2. Lie to Me "Cola Kiss"

1. Coffee Prince "Alien Kiss"