Timed Comments are back -- better than ever!

We know that this is something that our entire community has been waiting for (as have we!), so were excited to announce that the new-and-improved Timed Comments feature is now live on all videos! Along with a new look, the improved feature now gives you the ability to write comments directly into the video. The new Timed Comments Bar also will allow you to see the location and quantity of Timed Comments in that video.

Other new features in Timed Comments include:
  • The ability to type comments directly in the video (no more scrolling down the page and entering the time stamp!)
  • The new Timed Comments Bar to indicate the locations of Timed Comments, with the ability to hover to read and click to navigate to that location within the video
  • Larger font size (the change was made based on community feedback from the beta version)
  • New design to compliment the new Video Player and Viki.com
  • The addition of commenters profile picture and username (also coming soon is the ability to click and go to the commenter’s profile)
  • The option to share your comments on Twitter

 We hope you love the new Timed Comments as much as we do. Let us know what you think by commenting or sending us a note through the Help Center!