July’s Music Artist of the Month: Taylor Swift

Ever since the official launch of music videos from Universal Music Group, we’d thought of paying tribute to artists Viki fans care about. Selection of each month’s featured artist is based on popularity of the music videos for the preceding month. This time, country-pop superstar Taylor Swift emerged as July’s Most Popular International Artist.

For those of you who don’t know, Taylor Swift is one of the younger singer/songwriters who won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2008 with her second album, Fearless. Her songs are known to reflect her personal experiences as a teenager and a young adult.

Swift’s strongest musical influences include country artists Shania Twain, Faith Hill and the Dixie Chicks. Not limiting her playlist to the country genre, she’s also listened to Fall Out Boy, Michelle Branch and Britney Spears.

Referred to as the Best People Person, Swift feels it is her responsibility to positively influence her young fans. Thus, watching Titanic beats partying, as the clip below suggests.

To date, Swift has won more than 40 awards, including Grammy Awards, American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards. Watch some of her best-known hits as she progresses from country-pop to mainstream pop/rock.

*Music videos are available in most of Southeast Asia and Korea, and to Qualified Contributors worldwide.

Did you know that you can earn the Music Badge by subtitling or segmenting music videos? To learn more about subtitling and segmenting, check out "Viki U," a series of tutorials, tips, and more to help you get started quickly.

Watch Lunafly's Viki TV Interview and Win a Signed CD!

You could win an autographed "Lunafly" CD!

Lunafly is back again with a special interview for Viki fans. Watch the exclusive Viki TV interview below to find out what languages Sam, Teo, and Yun want to learn, what artists they want to work with, and what questions they have for you, the fans!

The Lunafly boys were humble, thoughtful, and funny throughout the interview. But they were also excited to have the chance to ask the Viki community some questions. Answer as a comment on this blog post for the chance to win a signed Lunafly CD featuring the track "Clear Day Cloudy Day"!

Lunafly had a lot of fun during the Viki TV interview

LUNAFLY'S SPECIAL REQUEST TO FANS: Teach them a phrase in your language!

Leave a comment on this blog post with your Viki username, and the phrase you want to teach in your language and in English.


Viki username: cvsparkle 
Italian: In bocca al lupo! 
English: Good luck!

We and Lunafly look forward to seeing all of your international answers -- be creative!

TIMELINE: The deadline to enter the contest is Friday, July 12, 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time. Winners will be contacted via Private Message on Viki on Monday, July 15th, Pacific Standard Time and must reply within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.

Missing "Gu Family Book"?

The Korean drama "Gu Family Book" had its exciting finale yesterday (watch it here)! If you're sad it's over and are craving more "Gu Family Book," you can watch these other titles starring Lee Seung Gi, Suzy, and Choi Jin Hyuk!

Starring Lee Seung Gi

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

A man accidentally frees a gumiho, a nine-tailed fox from Korean mythology, who then takes the form of a beautiful woman and tries to remain human.

The King 2 Hearts

A young modern-day crown prince and a female North Korean special forces agent are thrown together in more ways than one.

Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Ki in "The King 2 Hearts"

Shining Inheritance

A young woman, who suddenly loses the only family she has known, shows kindness to an elderly woman and is made heir to the old woman’s food corporation.

"Shining Inheritance," starring Lee Seung Gi

Starring Suzy

Dream High Season 1

Six students at an arts high school all strive to develop their talents to make it big in the entertainment industry.

"Dream High," starring Suzy
Starring Choi Jin Hyuk

Panda and Hedgehog

Sugar and spice come together in this romantic comedy about a bakery owner and a pastry chef she hires to work for her.

I Need Romance Season 1

Young career women in Seoul have it all – beauty, powerful careers and great friends. But can these modern women be just as lucky in finding love?

"I Need Romance," starring Choi Jin Hyuk

Which of these shows is your favorite?

Essential Korean Terms for Your Love Interest

Guest Blog Post from Coco & Vivi of KDrama Fighting!

As summer heats up and K-drama fans make plans to visit Korea (we wish!), we thought it would be helpful for us to share some Korean phrases that you will need to know for when you run into those rich chaebols and heiresses during your visit. We all know, from watching K-dramas on Viki, that when you meet your love interest, there is a progression of emotions that you will feel. Here are five essential Korean phrases for each phase of your potential relationship.

Phase 1: Hey, do you want to die?

According to K-dramas, most romantic relationships dont start off well. Usually, the male and female have a bad initial run-in with each other that results in mutual hatred. Sometimes this takes the form of violence and/or threats, as in Boys Over Flowers and Protect the Boss. In case this is how your relationship begins with your love interest, we recommend that you learn the Korean phrase for “Hey, do you want to die?

Phase 2: Stop appearing before my face!

Oftentimes, the hatred between two characters evolves into a milder feeling of mutual annoyance. This usually occurs after the main couple has had several awkward encounters, such as in Lie to Me. In case this happens to you, we also recommend that you learn the Korean phase for “Stop appearing before my face! Dont worry, though; most likely, you will enter into some sort of agreement to fake a relationship that is mutually beneficial, which will then gradually ramp up your romantic interest in the other person.

Phase 3: Now do you see me as a man/woman?

Once you and your new Korean love interest have been tolerating each other for awhile, its time to take the next step by willfully invading the other persons space and asking awkward questions. See A Gentleman’s Dignity as your guide to this move. Even though the obvious answer here is, “Am I blind? What kind of person could NOT see you as a man? it is actually in your best interest to slide away coyly and feign disinterest — for now.

Phase 4: I dont have the confidence.

All great Korean romances have absurd obstacles thrown in the way. Without them, it just wouldnt be true love! At this point, the most advanced lovers think, “I know! The best way to deal with this problem is to totally cut off communication and give up on our relationship!  If you have seen anything with Park Shin Hye in it (You’re Beautiful or Flower Boy Next Door, for example), you know exactly what to do. Work those puppy eyes!

Phase 5: I love you.

If phase 4 makes you sad, dont fret! Its only a temporary ploy until you get to the final phase: complete and total bliss with the one you love! Just pray that you get a good kiss instead of one of those frozen ones. Youve earned it!