Why Do We Love Bromance?

Bromance, a combination of the words brother and romance, is the overwhelmingly adorable brotherly bond between male friends. In dramas, these friendships are extremely close, where one would do anything for the other and, often, these friends provide more emotional support than even family members in times of need.

Some dramas are worth watching, for the bromance alone. Not sure what we mean? Here are a few examples:

School 2013: Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk play an inseparable pair of high school friends. A normal day for these boys consists of sharing lunch and fighting off a gang of thugs. Seeing them bond over a rough upbringing and social isolation is enough to melt any fans heart.

Watch Episode 13 to catch this bromantic gem!
Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Song Joong Kis touching compassion and concern for his best friend (played by Yoo Ah In) completely stole the spotlight from the dramas main couple. Viewers see these moments of tenderness as more pure and beautiful than most romantic relationships.

Watch episode 19 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal for a truly epic bromance
Bridal Mask: During the 1930s Japanese occupation of Korea, one of the most tragic dramas in history unfolds between fellow police officers, Kang To and Shunji. Driven apart by murder, secrets and the pursuit of the same woman’s love, the childhood friends still find ways to understand each others pain in incredibly powerful scenes. Watch Episode 7 below:

The best friends in Bridal Mask share an incredible bromance 
Whether you watch for the playful teasing, the physical closeness, or the emotional bonding, bromance appeals to K-drama fans in many different ways. What is your favorite bromance moment in a drama?