7 Guys Who Shouldn’t Wear Shirts

In the heat of the summer, why would you waste your time covering up something so delicious? Here are some actors that we give permission to stop wearing shirts ... permanently.

Song Seung Heon

This sexy K-drama star of When a Man Loves and East of Eden should stop wearing shirts altogether. Please?

Songs brooding and pensive shower scene in My Princessis one of our favorites.

Lee Byung Hun

He starred in IRIS, a K-drama about two friends brought into a top-secret organization. But its no secret that Lee Byung Hun has fantastic abs. Well let the pictures do the talking. 

Lee recently mentioned that he has a nude scene in his Hollywood sequel Red 2  yet another reason to see this film!

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong shed his flower boy image, and his shirt in "Inspiring Generation". Gone are his flowing locks from "Boys over Flowers," replaced with shorter hair and a mature tougher look. 

Lee Min Ho

The hot star of Boys Over Flowers may have one-too-many shower scenes in his dramas. But thats just fine with us.

Heres one in Boys Over Flowers, Episode 2 (unfortunately theres more broodiness than abs, but dont worry, they just get better from here):

Heres one in Personal Taste, Episode 3

And finally, our favorite, from City Hunter, Episode 2

Nicholas Teo

The Malaysian pop singer and actor has got it going on. This star of Smiling Pasta is sure to put a smile on your face and make you hungry for more. On top of the adorable attitude that is obvious in his music videos like Happiness Is Chased, who knew Teo also had abs like this? 

Mario Maurer 

This Thai-German actor got his start modeling, so it's no surprised he looks this good. See him on a dangerous mission to kidnap a famous pooch in "The Dog". And catch his softer side in the romantic film "To Each a Flower."

Victor Noriega

The sexy Mexican actor stars in Rebel Angel,” a suspenseful telenovela about a couple torn apart by circumstances and family secrets. We could stare at that Latin muscle all day, and we definitely give Noriega permission to stop wearing shirts. 

Let us know if there are any other stars you want to add to this list!