Introducing Viki One Liners (Beta)

Check out our newest beta feature: Viki One Liners! Currently in beta, One Liners is a fun and addicting new feature that makes it easy for anyone to contribute subtitles when they can, one line at a time. For those of you who haven't tried subtitling before - this is a great way to give it a try!

What does it do?
Right now, the feature allows logged-in users to:
  1. Rate - with a thumbs up or a thumbs down - a subtitle that's been already translated from English into your preferred language.
  2. If you give the subtitle a thumbs up, you'll be presented another line.
  3. If you give the subtitle a thumbs down, you can enter an alternate suggestion. You also have the option to rate another line. 
In the next few weeks, we'll add the ability to enter a translation directly from English into another language. Channel Managers and Moderators will also be given the option to opt out certain languages from One Liners.

How can I try it?
  • Find Viki One Liners at the bottom right of every page
  • Select your preferred "to" language (for now, English is the only "from" language option)
  • Rate the translation, then keep going!

Where will this new information show up?
The ratings and alternate suggestions gathered here will not be published on the site, at least for a few weeks. This will give us time to test the feature.

We'd love your thoughts and feedback on Viki One Liners, so please write into the Help Center.