Viki Teams Up with KPOP UNITED to Fulfill Fan's Dream

Viki is teaming up with KPOP UNITED, an organization dedicated to giving back to the K-Pop community, to send one deserving fan on KPOP UNITED's DREAM TOUR to Seoul, a weeklong pop cultural and language exchange program for K-Pop fans that kicks off today.

The fan, Katherine (Kat) Muro, was diagnosed with a tumor in her lungs earlier this year. We're happy to report that her cancer is not terminal, but the treatment and surgery that she has endured has left her physically and mentally exhausted. K-Pop is one of her main inspirations and motivations to stay strong.

During the tour, Kat and other attendees will enjoy K-Pop concerts, visit SM Entertainment and JYP, attend MBC Music Show Champion! and MNET M! Countdown, and tour the Gangnam neighborhood made popular by Psy's "Gangnam Style."

Kat considers herself one of EXO-K Kai's biggest fans and notes that he is able to brighten her spirits after a long day of treatment and testing, inspiring her to stay strong and push forward (see Kai in EXO-K's music video for 'Wolf' below).

There's no news yet on whether Kat will have the opportunity to meet EXO, but we're happy to be fulfilling one of her dreams to visit Korea. We're certain it will be a trip she will remember for a lifetime!

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