Telenovela-thon Event — Get Prizes!

To celebrate the Colombian and Venezuelan telenovelas that have come to Viki, were holding a Telenovela-thon subtitling/segmenting event until the end of September!

The way it works is simple: Just segment or subtitle on any of the Colombian or Venezuelan telenovela channels, listed below, and the top segmenter and top subtitler from the beginning of August to the end of September will each receive a bag of special Viki goodies! (You may work on more than one show.)

Did you know that you can earn the Colombian or Venezuelan telenovela badges by completing 300 segments/subtitles? You can earn the general Telenovela badge by completing 1,000 segments/subtitles on Colombian or Venezuelan telenovelas. Contact the Help Center to request your badge.

Passion of the Heart (Corazon Apasionado)

Venezuelan Telenovelas (Available Worldwide):

Colombian Telenovelas (May not be available in some regions):

Warning: Well be reviewing the contributions for quality and any spammers will be disqualified.

Good luck! Now, get segmenting and subtitling! (Remember to contact the Channel Manager first, as a courtesy!)