August’s Music Artist of the Month: Nicki Minaj

This months International Music Artist of the Month is none other than the crazy and colorful Nicki Minaj.  Known to some as the black Lady Gaga, Minaj has attracted much attention for her incredibly outlandish fashion style —with loud colors, heavy makeup, colorful hair and wigs, and revealing clothes that accentuate her curvaceous figure.

Probably one of the most followed rapper in the world, Minaj made waves on the Billboard charts after the launch of her 2010 breakthrough album, Pink Friday. The platinum-selling album opened doors for her other successful collaborations and product endorsements.

Nickis colorful and outspoken character isnt only demonstrated through her musical works but also as a judge in the long-running singing competition American Idol. During Season 12, the public feud between Minaj and fellow judge Mariah Carey almost overshadowed the contestants on the show. After the season ended, both Minaj and Carey left the show.

Minajs biggest musical influences are Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Janet Jackson and Madonna. Watch the music videos of her best-known worldwide hits below:

The Boys (Featuring Cassie)


Right By My Side (Featuring Chris Brown)

High School (Featuring Lil Wayne)

*Music videos are available in most of Southeast Asia and Korea, and to Qualified Contributors worldwide.