Introducing Community Discussion Forums!

A piece of feedback that weve received often from the Viki community is the request for a discussion forum  a place for you to talk about your favorite shows, channel organization, interactions with those who speak the same language, and any other exchanges. We completely agree and think it would be a great addition to Viki. Thats why were so excited to launch Community Discussions today. Check them out and join the conversation! And make sure to check out the Welcome to Community Discussions topic to learn how to use the new feature.

Connect with other passionate community members to talk about your favorite dramas, music videos or actors, learn how to subtitle and find videos to get involved in. Make sure to also check out the different language categories, such as Spanish, French or Korean. There, you can find and start conversations in those languages!

You can access Discussions through the Community tab in the header, from the Community page, or by going directly to

We hope you love Discussions as much as we do, but if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us!