September's Music Artist of the Month: BTOB

BTOB, which stands for Born to Beat, is the newest K-Pop boy group from Cube Entertainment. Following in the footsteps of fellow label mates B2ST, the new group has been under a lot of pressure to perform just as well as, or perhaps even better than, its predecessors. But BTOB didnt crumble under the pressure and its fans have been showing lots of love to the new group!

Less than a year into their debut, the multi-talented members of BTOB decided to venture out to different areas of entertainment, some choosing to take on dramas and variety shows and others choosing to hone their Broadway skills in musical theatre.
Recently, the seven-member group has been touring around Southeast Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. BTOB's debut in Japan, at prestigious Tokyo Dome and Sapporo Dome, was wildly successful with tons of screaming fans. We wish we could have been there!

As if their great song and dance routines weren't enough, BTOB's appearance in Monstar involves a steamy bath scene in the showers alongside B2ST's Yong Jun Hyung. Don't miss it!

In 2012, their debut track “Insane" took the industry by storm with their tremendous popularity and strong fan base.

Music videos are available to viewers in most of Southeast Asia and Korea, and to Qualified Contributors worldwide.