K-Pop Videos Pay Tribute to Past Iconic Scenes

We all have our favorite moments from music videos and movies. And dont you get super excited when you see those favorite moments reenacted in other videos? We do, too! Weve found some fun K-pop videos that pay homage to other great and iconic moments. Check it out!

Brown Eyed Girls: “Kill Bill”

The lovely ladies of Brown Eyed Girls werent subtle with their homage to the 2003/2004 Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill. From the iconic whistling, to the integration of the films music, to the costumes and use of color, not to mention the title of their music video, the members of Brown Eyed Girls put together a fun and sexy music video that we cant help but to watch over and over again. Wed like to think that Mr. Tarantino would be proud and flattered by this great tribute!

We love T-ara (who doesnt!?), but we especially love this song because we just cant sit still when its playing the fierce choreography, and bouncing cameras and bodies make us wanna jump right in. The girls are sexy and radiate confidence. But doesnt the intro of this video remind you of something? Need a hint? Check out the cartoon hand that reaches out. The 1986 song Take on Me by Norwegian pop group A-ha has a very similar hand reaching out, bringing a woman into a new world. We love T-aras modern take on the cartoon-inspired video.

Girl’s Day: Oh! My God

We love the confidence, sexiness and determination in this song. The five members light up the room with their energetic dance, beautiful legs and hot outfits. We also think that this video references 
a bit of Pink’s music video Get the Party Started they go to a super cool club in colorful 90s-inspired clothes and show off some fun dance moves. Dont you just love the colors and hot moves?

These K-pop girls sure know how to show power and personality. But did you notice the round chair they all sit in? It has a map of the world on the back of it with the text “The world is mine.” Combine the chair with group leader CL sitting in it with a kitten, and we cant help but think about James Bond villain Blofeld and the character Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers” series of films. The sexy members of 2NE1 might not be fooling us (their cat is way too cute to belong to a super villain), but they do a great job showing off their inner super powers.

Do you know of a music video that we missed? Let us know in the comments!