Music Genres — Electronica in the Music Scene

Popular music has evolved from classic oldies by the Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder and Donna Summer back in the 60s and 70s, to more contemporary pop, rock and hip hop by Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue and the Beach Boys in the 80s and 90s. Since the year 2000, electronica music has slowly gained popularity and has started to dominate the popular music arena.

    Electronica music infused its way into pop music thanks to the debut of multi-talented French house DJs, Bob Sinclar and David Guetta. More recently, Swedish house DJ, Avicii joined the gang. The catchiness makes you want to move your body with the music, completely reinventing the way music lovers listen to house music.

Tracks such as “Together” and “Levels” made it to pop and dance charts all over the world. Plus, further collaborations with mainstream artists, such as Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Pitbull and LMFAO, blurred the lines between hardcore electronica (trance, house, drum & bass, trip hop, etc.) and pop, hip hop and R&B. Even K-pop tunes from T-ara and ZE:A have added the electronica flavor.

From top left: Black Eyed Peas, Far East Movement & LMFAO
Below is a list of some today’s best known electronica-infused music enjoyed by music lovers, especially club goers!

"Don't Stop the Party" by the Black Eyed Peas
"Dynamite" by Taio Cruz
"Shots" by LMFAO
"Like a G6" by Far East Movement
"On the Floor" by Jennifer Lopez
"I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" by Pitbull
Have a listen and enjoy!